Admin Menu Editor Pro (Business) v2.6.1

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    Download: Admin Menu Editor Pro (Business) 2.6.1

    Changelog for v2.6.1 :
    • Added a list of basic tutorials to the menu editor screen.
    • Fixed a bug where menu items that use meta capabilities would have the “hidden from everyone” icon even if there were not actually hidden.
    • Fixed incorrect version numbers in the “can’t import settings from a newer version” error message.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause some network admin menus to be highlighted as if they were new.
    • Fixed a conflict with WP Courseware 4.1.2 where activating AME would cause a lot of extra menu items to show up unexpectedly.
    • The plugin will display a warning if you try to hide the “Slug” metabox. Due to a known bug in WordPress, hiding this box can prevent you from changing the post permalink.
    • Replaced the green puzzle-piece icon that was used to mark new items with an icon that just says “new”.
    • Tested with 4.9.1.

    Download: Admin Menu Editor Pro (Business) 2.6.1
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    Hello, 2.6.2 should be out... Thanks