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BETA Astra Pro 1.4.0-beta.5

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Apanha, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Apanha

    Apanha Admin Staff Member  

    Sep 29, 2016
    Admin Post
    • Option to hide custom menu item on a mobile device.
    • Background image option for menu background.
    • A separator control in Customizer to differentiate desktop and mobile header settings in a section.
    • Default paddings for above and below headers. Improved spacings in between header sections.
    • Display a notice in customizer header section if the header is built using custom layouts addon.
    • Improved transition for the flyout and fullscreen styles.
    • Spacing between the menu item and dropdown icon for all mobile menu styles.
    • Mobile header layouts now work on breakpoint width instead of static 544px width.
    • Flyout menu is not loading in full screen when we set sticky.
    • Half border added to a custom menu item on a mobile.
    • Background color and image param are not working for the sticky header in responsive options.
    • Swap positions do not work in stack layout.
    • When the menu is disabled, flyout goes full width.
    • No toggle style overflows outside the screen.
    • Sticky + Transparent is not working.
    • Dropdown menu width shrunk in stack layout.
    • Custom Layout missing all the columns like Display Rules, Author.
    • Fullscreen menu not correctly center aligned.
    • Primary menu border not working for the no-toggle style.
    • Priority 0 is not being set from Custom Layout.
    • WooCommerce infinite scroll — products appear on shop/category page even if only show categories is selected.
    • WooCommerce Checkout form label as placeholder not working for a few checkout fields.
    • WooCommerce Quick View popup on a smaller screen does not display product title
    • Lifter LMS – Header goes full width when content is set to full width and LifterLMS Distraction Free Learning is enabled.

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