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AffiliateWP Wordpress Plugin 2.6.8

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Download AffiliateWP Wordpress Plugin 2.6.8 from nulled fire. AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.
  • New: Add support for 7 more countries in the Payouts Service:
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Costa Rica
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Mexico
    • Thailand
  • Improved: Ensure all Payouts Service requests are made to official REST endpoints
  • Improved: Update payout record if a Payouts Service payout method changes
  • Improved: Standardize headers sent with every Payouts Service request
  • Fixed: Wrong URL displayed in notice when creating a Payouts Service account with a registered email address
Improved: Improve upgrade routine notices by including the AffiliateWP version number
Improved: Add the ability to list affiliates, payouts, referrals, and visits by a date range with wp-cli
Fixed: WooCommerce: Order status of Refunded should always change referral status to Rejected if enabled
Dev: Fix the order of arguments passed to affwp_auth_hash() in Affiliate_WP_REST::get_token()