AffiliateWP Wordpress Plugin 1.9.8

AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.

Last Update:Jan 6, 2017      
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  1. 1.9.8

    • New: Added new option in Misc settings to opt into beta releases for AffiliateWP
  2. 1.9.7

    Version 1.9.7, December 19, 2016

    • Fix: Date picker fields do not work when in a language other than English
  3. 1.9.6

    Version 1.9.6, December 15, 2016

    • New: Added support for user-defined locales in WordPress 4.7+
    • Tweak: affwp_add_creative() should return the creative ID on success
    • Fix: Only enqueue dashicons CSS on the front end when necessary
    • Fix: Active tab not properly returned if the default is removed
    • Fix: 'Affiliate Added' notice is incorrect when manually adding an affiliate
    • Fix: Spaces should be encoded when generating affiliate links
    • Fix: Commas in referral descriptions...

    Version, November 17, 2016

    • Fix: The reCAPTCHA script isn't getting enqueued
  5. 1.9.5

    Version 1.9.5, November 15, 2016

    • New: Add support for LifterLMS 3+
    • New: Add the ability to register fields for REST endpoints
    • New: Add currency support for the Kazakhstani tenge (KZT)
    • Tweak: Make it possible to disable the Affiliate Approval email from the user profile editing screen
    • Tweak: Record which user generated a payout and display that information in Payouts views
    • Tweak: Improve performance on Reports screen tabs
    • Tweak: Make it possible to retrieve meta...
  6. 1.9.4

    Version 1.9.4, October 20, 2016

    • New: Add a {campaign_name} email tag
    • New: Expose 'Promotion Methods' information entered during affiliate registration in Affiliate > Edit
    • Tweak: Add Referral ID column to the Payout > View screen
    • Tweak: Update the 'Earnings' column in the referrals table to 'Paid Earnings'
    • Tweak: When filtering visits by affiliate, the affiliate name should show in the filters
    • Tweak: Display Payout time in addition to date in Payout > View
    • Tweak:...

    Version, October 5, 2016

    • Fix: Referrals Edit screen is whitescreening due to a miscalculated variadic parameter
    Version 1.9.3, October 5, 2016

    • Tweak: Message shown to non-affiliate administrators when viewing the Affiliate Area
    • Tweak: Affilate name now linked to affiliate edit screen and a separate Edit User link has been added
    • Fix: PayPal integration sometimes causes issues with non-PayPal form submissions
    • Fix: Product rate settings not being...