AffiliateWP Wordpress Plugin 2.1.9

AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.

Last Update:Dec 15, 2017 at 7:15 PM      
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  1. 2.1.9

    Fix: Graphs sometimes show incorrect totals when filtered
    Fix: Several fields aren't being processed correctly when creating or editing affiliates via the REST API
    Fix: JavaScript error when using PayPal Buttons and EDD Frontend Submissions at the same time
    Tweak: Pass the affiliate object to the affwp_affiliate_table_$column filter
    Tweak: Introduce an affwp_pre_insert_$type_data filter to allow short-circuiting creation of all core objects by type
    Tweak: Free trial periods in RCP should...
  2. 2.1.8

    • Fix: Visit recount tool not working.
    • Fix: Affiliate usernames with dashes do not working properly with landing pages.
    • Fix: Referral retrieval error being logged on all page loads, even when not appropriate.
    • Fix: Colspan of referrals table incorrect.
    • Fix: Compatibility with Apple Pay gateway for WooCommerce fixed.
    • Tweak: New filter added to arguments passed to affwp_add_affiliate().
  3. 2.1.7

    New: Tables in Affiliate Area are now responsive
    New: Bulk actions have been added to Creatives
    New: Referrals tab of Affiliate Area now includes a Reference column
    Tweak: CSV export of affiliates now includes first and last name columns
    Tweak: Improved Dutch translation
    Fix: Batch importers for affiliates and referrals may sometimes silently fail
    Fix: Affiliate registration form fails to process if redirect parameter is not set
    Fix: Required scripts for earnings graph in the Affiliate Area...

    Fix: The AffiliateWP settings panel is empty in WooCommerce product settings in some circumstances
    Tweak: Upgrade AffWP_Plugin_Updater to v1.6.15, version check option will no longer be autoloaded
  5. 2.1.6

    • Fix: Batch importers hang and cause data corruption in some circumstances
    • Fix: The AffiliateWP metabox isn't showing in the donation form for Give 1.8+

    • Fix: Ensure the Stripe integration works with WP Simple Pay Pro 3.1.6+

    • Fix: Ensure the Stripe integration works with WP Simple Pay Pro 3
  8. 2.1.5

    Fix: Incorrect description and reference values in Restrict Content Pro integration
    Tweak: Added support for Ruble currency symbol
    Tweak: Added support for Kenyan Shilling currency

    • Tweak: Standardize custom data storage and retrieval
    • Fix: License expiration notice displays unstyled and in the wrong place
  10. 2.1.4

    • Tweak: Improved usability of the Add New Affiliate screen
    • Tweak: Improved column display on the Visits list table
    • Tweak: Updated language files
    • Fix: Payout batch processing can fail due to improper garbage collection
    • Fix: License key status shown incorrectly at times
    • Fix: Autocomplete field not functional on the API Keys screen
    • Fix: Autocomplete field fails to function when there are not affiliate accounts
    • Fix: Unknown column "unpaid_earnings" error when...