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AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.

Last Update:May 18, 2017      
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    Security Fix: A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was discovered in relation to filtering referrals in the admin.
  2. 2.0.9

    Fix: "No products found" error on WooCommerce3.0+ shop page when pretty affiliate links are used
    Fix: Backwards compatibility fix for get_data() in export API
    Fix: Referrals not created when logged in user also has an affiliate account
    Fix: Status set twice in affwp_add_affiliate()
  3. 2.0.8

    • Fix: Incorrect amount calculation in Restrict Content Pro integration when discounts are used
    • Fix: Referral tracking not working in Restrict Content Pro integration when discounts are used
    • Fix: Current month view sometimes sets the wrong start and end day

    Fix: Fatal error when attempting to access coupon IDs in pre-3.0.0 versions of WooCommerce
  5. 2.0.7

    Fix: Referrals sometimes created with empty statuses in WooCommerce integration
    Fix: PHP notices shown during purchases when using WooCommerce 3.0+
    Fix: Email notifications include empty markup when no header text is set
  6. 2.0.6

    Fix: Referrals are not being created in some circumstances
    Fix: Check that a pending referral has successfully been added before logging success
    Fix: Debug logging is not writing messages for integrations
    Fix: Can't bulk delete affiliates
    Fix: "Required Registration Fields" settings are not sticking
    Fix: User filter on export/import tab is searching non-affiliates
    Fix: PayPal redirect not working with Contact Form 7 when item price is left blank
    Tweak: Support Stripe subscriptions (via WP...
  7. 2.0.5

    • New: Add Unpaid Earnings as an option to the Recount Stats tool
    • Fix: Passive cache invalidation doesn't always work
    • Fix: The 'Upgrade Database' notice shows up on fresh installs
    • Fix: Avoid a warning with a hook used for Encyclopedia Pro compatibility
    • Fix: Restrict Content Pro purchases sometimes creating referrals it shouldn't
    • Fix: Avoid a syntax error when activated with Caldera Forms
    • Fix: Avoid a warning from the deprecated 'safe_mode' INI directive
    • Fix: Edit...
  8. 2.0.4

    • Fix: Referrals generated as 0.00 or not at all for some sites
    • Fix: Resolved possible infinite loop with the affwp_dismiss_notices hook
    • Reverted change that fixed an issue with referrals less than 1.00 using comma decimal separator create 0.00 referrals. Will re-address soon.
  9. 2.0.3

    Version 2.0.3
    Fix: JS conflict on edit post/page when some page builder plugins are active
    Fix: Affiliate name filter on Visits screen not working
    Fix: PHP notice: Undefined index: path
    Fix: Incorrect referral URL generated when extra space added
    Fix: Referrals less than 1.00 using comma decimal separator create 0.00 referrals
    Tweak: Remove the "No reason provided" text from the rejection email if not set
    Tweak: Add Credit Last Referrer setting to the system info data
    Tweak: Update plugin...
  10. 2.0.2

    • New: Add Hindi (India) translation
    • New: Add a new "context" field for visits
    • New: Add filters to manipulate final payout amounts and CSV columns
    • Tweak: Only 20 campaigns are shown on the affiliate area
    • Tweak: Make Referral ID in Visits screen link through to corresponding referral
    • Tweak: Adjust debug log description
    • Tweak: Improve Edit Referral screen
    • Tweak: Update EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater to 1.6.10
    • Tweak: Add full test coverage for creatives db layer
    • Tweak:...