AffiliateWP Wordpress Plugin 2.0.2

AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.

Last Update:Feb 17, 2017 at 6:36 PM      
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  1. 2.0.2

    • New: Add Hindi (India) translation
    • New: Add a new "context" field for visits
    • New: Add filters to manipulate final payout amounts and CSV columns
    • Tweak: Only 20 campaigns are shown on the affiliate area
    • Tweak: Make Referral ID in Visits screen link through to corresponding referral
    • Tweak: Adjust debug log description
    • Tweak: Improve Edit Referral screen
    • Tweak: Update EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater to 1.6.10
    • Tweak: Add full test coverage for creatives db layer
    • Tweak:...

    • Fix: Batch processing registry doesn't work for IIS servers
    • Fix: Unpaid Referrals Today stat is wrong
    • Fix: Amounts in Most Valuable Affiliates meta box aren't formatted
  3. 2.0.1

    Version 2.0.1, January 29, 2017

    • Fix: Re-minify JavaScript assets.
    • Fix: JS error sometimes being outputted on the front end from the new JS debugger
    • Fix: Editing a referral can sometimes disassociate it from its affiliate
    • Fix: WooCommerce Coupon meta boxes cannot be toggled when AffiliateWP is active
    • Tweak: Update the Spanish translation (es_ES)
  4. 2.0

    Affiliate Area form settings
    With 2.0 we have included new settings that allow site admins to choose which forms (login, registration or none) should be shown on the Affiliate Area to non-registered affiliates and we have introduced options that permit site admins to control which fields in the registration form are required and optional.

    Stripe Checkout integration through WP Simple Pay is one of the most popular merchant processors...
  5. 1.9.8

    • New: Added new option in Misc settings to opt into beta releases for AffiliateWP
  6. 1.9.7

    Version 1.9.7, December 19, 2016

    • Fix: Date picker fields do not work when in a language other than English
  7. 1.9.6

    Version 1.9.6, December 15, 2016

    • New: Added support for user-defined locales in WordPress 4.7+
    • Tweak: affwp_add_creative() should return the creative ID on success
    • Fix: Only enqueue dashicons CSS on the front end when necessary
    • Fix: Active tab not properly returned if the default is removed
    • Fix: 'Affiliate Added' notice is incorrect when manually adding an affiliate
    • Fix: Spaces should be encoded when generating affiliate links
    • Fix: Commas in referral descriptions...

    Version, November 17, 2016

    • Fix: The reCAPTCHA script isn't getting enqueued
  9. 1.9.5

    Version 1.9.5, November 15, 2016

    • New: Add support for LifterLMS 3+
    • New: Add the ability to register fields for REST endpoints
    • New: Add currency support for the Kazakhstani tenge (KZT)
    • Tweak: Make it possible to disable the Affiliate Approval email from the user profile editing screen
    • Tweak: Record which user generated a payout and display that information in Payouts views
    • Tweak: Improve performance on Reports screen tabs
    • Tweak: Make it possible to retrieve meta...
  10. 1.9.4

    Version 1.9.4, October 20, 2016

    • New: Add a {campaign_name} email tag
    • New: Expose 'Promotion Methods' information entered during affiliate registration in Affiliate > Edit
    • Tweak: Add Referral ID column to the Payout > View screen
    • Tweak: Update the 'Earnings' column in the referrals table to 'Paid Earnings'
    • Tweak: When filtering visits by affiliate, the affiliate name should show in the filters
    • Tweak: Display Payout time in addition to date in Payout > View
    • Tweak:...