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Beaver Builder Plugin 2.2-beta.3

Download Beaver Builder Plugin 2.2-beta.3 from nulled fire. Alpha releases are very early versions of the next major update.
Fixed vertically aligned columns not working on small devices.
Fixed equal height columns not working while the builder is active when device size logic has been applied to the column.
Fixed responsive preview not correctly rendering image widths with an empty setting value.
Fixed menu module link spacing when updating to 2.2.
Fixed menu module background color when updating to 2.2.
Fixed icons with backgrounds having wrong line height.
Fixed settings menus cut off in responsive editing mode.
Added labels to the first row of the border field's general section.
Added structured data settings to the video module.
Added a remove button for row background videos.
Added default option for font weights so strong tags still work when a family is selected.
Added the ability to collapse settings sections by clicking the entire section header.
Fixed italic Google fonts not working correctly.
Fixed CSS errors with empty icon group styles.
Fixed CSS/JS for hidden nodes still rendering on the page.
Fixed responsive photo fields not working correctly.
Fixed repeater photo fields not working correctly.
Fixed menu module font size defaulting to zero.
Fixed responsive preview not working when parsing a stylesheet fails with a CORS error.

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