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Easy Digital Downloads - Download Email Attachments 1.1.1

Send download files as email attachments when purchased.

Last Update:Nov 29, 2016      
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  1. Apanha
    Download Email Attachments.png

    Send download files as email attachments.

    Just activate the plugin and all the download’s files (including bundled downloads) will be attached to the purchase receipt. You can also override this setting and enable it on a per download level.

    Pay special attention to the size of your download attachments. This extension is great for sending files as attachments, but a large file over 10mb may not reach a customer’s inbox. Some customer’s may have the maximum size for an email set even lower. Also note that this plugin does not remove download links from the purchase confirmation page (this can be done by editing the shortcode-receipt page), or the purchase confirmation receipt (you can remove download links from the email yourself).

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