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Easy Digital Downloads - Wallet 1.1.4

Add a store credit system to Easy Digital Downloads

Last Update:Apr 22, 2017      
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  1. Apanha
    Easy Digital Downloads - Wallet.png

    Wallet for Easy Digital Downloads adds a deposit system to your website that allows your customers to purchase store credit and then redeem it at a later point for items in your store.

    Customers who make deposits are given a wallet on your site that holds their balance. Funds can be added to the wallet at any time and used at checkout for purchases on your site.


    • Customers can deposit funds into their wallet at anytime
    • Store admins can define the deposit amounts allowed
    • Deposit confirmation email sent to customer and store admins when deposits are made
    • Funds in wallet can be used to make purchases at anytime
    • Store admins can incentivize wallet purchases by offering a discount to customers that purchase with pre-deposited funds
    • Store admins can manually add or subtract funds in a customer’s wallet at anytime
    • Store admins can view balances of all customer wallets
    • Works with all payment gateways
    • Integrated with AffiliateWP Store Credit

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