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Elementor Pro 3.1.1

Download Elementor Pro 3.1.1 from nulled fire. Elementor Pro is the most advanced page builder for WordPress
Tweak: Adjusted 'Max Height' control range in Table of Contents widget
Fix: Popup event handler is undefined
Fix: Conditions modal is not responsive in Custom Code
Fix: RTL glitches in Code Highlight widget
Fix: Minor UI glitches in Code Highlight widget
Fix: Users can't get Pro Developer Edition version updates
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* New: Introducing Custom Code - Add custom code snippets to your site, including `head`, `body` start and `body` end
* New: Meet Code Highlight widget - showcase any syntax with highlighted UI
* Experiment: Improved Pro widgets performance by loading JS and Swiper assets conditionally in frontend
* Tweak: Added Compatibility Tag support in Elementor Pro
* Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Rotating Text animation in Animated Headline widget
* Tweak: Added an option to set Selected color for Typing effect in Animated Headline widget
* Tweak: Added animation Loop option for Animated Headline
* Tweak: Added timing options for Animated Headline widget
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities for Testimonial Carousel widget
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities for Price Table widget
* Tweak: Added Word Wrap control to Code Highlight widget
* Tweak: Upgraded Font Awesome Pro library to v5.15.1
* Tweak: Improved method of loading field mapping repeater in Form widget
* Tweak: Added "Show on Browsers" Popup Advanced Rule
* Tweak: Added real-time JS handling to prevent redundant renders in Slides widget and all Carousel widgets
* Tweak: Import scroll utility from core and remove it from Pro
* Tweak: Added alignment options for Post Excerpt widget
* Tweak: Changed alignment control to work with selectors in Share Buttons
* Tweak: Upgraded to Webpack 5, Grunt-Webpack 4 and TerserPlugin instead of UglifyJsPlugin
* Fix: Steps Divider is not vertically aligned in Multi Step Form widget
* Fix: Slides are playing in an infinite loop mode even when the option is disabled in Slides Widget
* Fix: Redundant spacing is added to Share Buttons widget
* Fix: Step buttons text is not updated without a page reload in Forms widget
* Fix: Overflow issue in certain animations in Animated Headline widget
* Fix: When dragging a new Testimonial Carousel there is a console error thrown
* Fix: Step Buttons are cut in mobile view in Multi Step Form
* Fix: Submit and Step buttons size differences when using Twenty Twenty theme
* Fix: Duplicate button Text Color control in Slides widget
* Fix: JS error is thrown when editing and saving global widgets
* Fix: `get_version` API function may fail with Redis / DB cache
* Fix: Multiple license check requests are created in certain cases
* Deprecated: Deprecate methods prefixed with an underscore and replace them with unprefixed methods
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our

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