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Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed - WordPress Social Stream & Grid Gallery Plugin 4.1.16

Flow-Flow is a premium social media plugin to display social feeds in beautiful responsive walls or galleries.

Updated at NF:Jun 6, 2019      
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  1. Apanha
    • Use for Unlimited Sites (GPL )
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    Flow-Flow is a premium social media plugin to display social feeds in beautiful responsive walls or galleries. Make any combinations of social feeds with Flow-Flow! For example, you can have Facebook feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feed mixed on the same stream. For its price, this plugin is a great alternative to web services that charge monthly payment for similar functionality.

    Flow-Flow supports 16 stream sources including 14 popular social networks + WordPress + RSS. There are 40+ different feed types in total. This is huge! Imagine you can use the only one plugin instead of all those different mono network feed plugins. And you get fantastic unified design of all those different type of content including text posts, image or videos. Your social media wall will look amazing with no exceptions!

    • Twitter: home timeline, user feed, search * including hashtags, user lists, user favorites.
    • Facebook: any public PAGE with public posts, public groups, public albums.
    • Instagram: user photos, hashtag photos, liked photos. We support API changes after 1st June 2016.
    • Google+: any public profile.
    • SoundCloud: public playlists.
    • LinkedIn: company updates and jobs (since recent API changes you must be admin of company page to stream it).
    • Pinterest: public user or board.
    • Foursquare: location tips, location photos.
    • Vine: public user feed, user likes, search by tag.
    • Flickr: public user photos, photos by tag.
    • Dribbble: public posts of user, likes of user.
    • WordPress: blog posts, comments, posts of specific categories, comments of specific post.
      (only own site, others blogs can be streamed using RSS feeds)
    • YouTube: user, channels, search, public playlist.
    • Tumblr: photo posts (will be more types in future).
    • Vimeo: public videos of user, album, channel and like feed of user.
    • RSS: any valid feed.

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