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Flow-Flow - WordPress Social Stream Plugin 4.1.5

Flow-Flow is a premium social media plugin to display social feeds in beautiful responsive walls or galleries.

Updated at NF:Jan 12, 2019 at 12:37 PM      
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  1. 4.1.5

    [Fix] For broken AJAX call if stream has at least one empty feed
  2. 4.1.4

    [UPDATE] For recent API changes and location Instagram feeds
  3. 4.1.3

    [FIX] For comments not loading in lightbox on some servers (32bit)
  4. 4.1.2

    [FIX] Issue with browser cache (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined)
  5. 4.1.1

    [FIX] Issue with feeds updating
  6. 4.1.0

    -[FEATURE] Carousel layout
    -[FIX] For Data too long error
  7. 4.0.3

    [FIX] For new lightbox broken in 4.0.1- 4.0.2
    [FIX] For duplicated items in lightbox carousels
    [CHANGE] Compatibility with Broadcasting add-on 1.5.0
  8. 4.0.1

    [FIX] For migration from previous versions
    [FEATURE] Wall list posts layout
    [FEATURE] New lightbox option with infinite scrolling for posts<br />
    [UPDATE] Instagram feeds now load more than 12 posts
    [UPDATE] Facebook videos embedding changed to official method
  9. 3.2.27

    [UPDATE] For Youtube feeds problem on some servers
    [UPDATE] Composer warning removal
  10. 3.2.26

    [FIX] Various small tweaks (&& problem, email validation for long domains, Cron task name)