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JetSmartFilters Adds easy-to-use AJAX filters to the pages built with Elementor which contain the dynamic listings.

Updated at NF:Dec 21, 2018      
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  1. Apanha
    • Use for Unlimited Sites (GPL )
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    7 Smart Filter Variations:
    • Radio Filter
    • Date Range Filter
    • Search Filter
    • Active Filters
    • Range Filter
    • Checkbox Filters
    • Check Range Filter
    The visitors won’t have to wait until the page loads to view the products or posts they need.

    Works with JetWooBuilder and JetEngine
    Use the JetSmartFilters functionality to easily add filters to listings and shop pages.

    Use Several Filters at Once
    Allow selecting one of the filters or applying several of them if there is a need to combine them.

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