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Thank you for this, paying $95/yr is madness... YITH has lost their mind(s) :|
I feel like I have painted myself into a corner with this addon. Unlike some of the other reviews, speed (or lack of) of this plugin is not an issue when you spend a little work on your site. I'm getting 100 and 100 for my home page with page insights. Some of my other more complex pages still hit 97.

Here is the problem though:- Their updates!

Just recently, they "updated" their Advanced Custom Fields' Repeater widgets to a new version and advised every one to change to the new one but not to worry, they will keep the old. (which I was using quite heavily)

When I updated - every single one of my repeater fields disappeared. This caused me a lot of work as I had to go in and create them all from scratch again. Not good!

Also, there are a lot of times when a simple update happens and I go back to my site and spacing, padding and margins are all out. It has become a regular thing with them and has now led to me being scared every time I see an update available - What am I gonna have to fix this time?

If you are new to this addon, I still say give it a try as I don't believe another major *&k! up like the repeater fields happen too often but, Ive been looking at Crocoblocks lately and if my site was not so heavily reliant on DCFE, I'd be changing. So my advice is to go check Crocobloacks first. I think Dynamic Content for Elementor has gotten a little too big for the team they have there currently.

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