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Popup Maker - Scheduling 1.1.1

Add scheduling options to your popups. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your popups in just a few minutes.

Last Update:Sep 23, 2018      
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  1. Apanha
    Schedule your Popups Quickly and Easily
    Multiple types of schedules

    • Start Date – Schedule the popup to appear at a specified date & time.
    • End Date – Stop the popup from appearing after a specified date & time.
    • Date Range – Schedule popups for an entire date range.
    • Chosen Dates – Choose specific dates to show the popup on.
    • Office Hours – Choose specific days of the week, and set start & end times for those days.
    Multiple schedules – Add multiple schedules per popup using our scheduling interface.

    Schedule by Server Time – Have a promotion that starts or ends based on server time? Easily schedule your popups to sync up with those times.

    Schedule by Local Time – Use the Local Time Zone feature to deliver your popups according to the time zone of the user, not the time zone of your business.