The7 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

1. Improved: images lazy loading logic.
2. Improved: .SVG files will work for Partners and Benefits post types (you still have to enable .SVG support in WordPress separately).
3. Improved: "link" appearance added to buttons shortcode.
4. Improved: icon and hover settings were added to the "Fancy Media" shortcode.
5. Fixed: JavaScript performance issues with carousel shortcodes.
6. Fixed: issue with "disable hover effect" Theme Options setting not working for the "Blog - List" page template.
7. Fixed: issue with the theme ignoring images "align" attribute.
8. Fixed: issue with the mobile logo missing when using Cloudflare.
Improved: compatibility with MEC Calendar.
Improved: Icon shortcode now works with anchor-navigation links.
Improved: Media Gallery Masonry & Grid shortcode now has the option to disable the pop-up.
Fixed: minor visual glitches in Testimonials shortcode.
Fixed: issue with default icons not appearing in social icons shortcode.
Fixed: when the content width unit is %, the header width is calculated incorrectly.
Fixed: minor visual glitches in album slider share buttons.
Other minor improvements and under the hood fixes.
1. Improved: compatibility with WooCommerce 3.8.x.
2. Improved: FontAwesome integrated into The7 is now available in WPB Page Builder and Ultimate Addons.
3. Fixed: "wrong" logo in floating mobile header.
4. Fixed: Portfolio Masonry and Grid; post links "target" attribute not working.
5. Fixed: Icon + text; when hover is disabled, the border disappears on hover.
6. Fixed: Icon + text; bold text in titles cannot be disabled.
7. Fixed: visual issues with share buttons in Albums, Sliders, etc.
8. Fixed: mega menu; gradient not working.
Other minor improvements and under the hood fixes.
1. New: "Yoga" demo.
2. New: "Nutritionist" demo.
3. New: "Wedding" demo.
4. New: "Icon with text" shortcode.
5. Improved: interface layout of "Button" shortcode.
6. Improved: built-in lightbox module updated and touch gestures enabled for Chrome 70 and up on Windows 10.
7. Fixed: issue with page title underline being shifted in IE and Edge.
8. Fixed: if the mega menu "item starts a new row" setting is used twice in a submenu, the last "column" disappears on mobile devices.
9. Fixed: issue in Portfolio grid, standard pagination mode. If category slug contains a number, and this number is the same as another category ID, both categories are highlighted as active.
10. Fixed: issue with "read more" button being not translatable.
11. Fixed: issue with breadcrumbs alignment on mobile devices.
12. Fixed: issue with the Custom Menu 2 widget, sub-menu arrows not showing up.
13. Fixed: issue with "italic" text setting not working correctly in Testimonials shortcode.
14. Fixed: issue with the mega menu in side header disappearing after scrolling down the page.
15. Fixed: issue with the Recpatha V3 badge is being hidden under the footer when the "slide out" mode is being enabled.
16. Fixed: issue with absence of icons in Testimonials shortcode backend.
17. Fixed: multiple issue with WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks.
18. Fixed: issue with Button microwidget showing up 2 times on tablets in top line and floating button headers.
19. Fixed: issue with incorrect title font styles for "Blog masonry & grid" shortcode.
Other minor improvements and under the hood fixes.
Attention! If you are updating from The7 v.7.7.5, please make sure to update The7 Elements plugin to v.2.1.7 (via Dashboard > Updates or The7 > Plugins). Otherwise, the update will cause a PHP error.

1. New: "Hotel" demo (
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2. Improved: styling for Hotel Booking Lite plugin.
3. Fixed: Icon shortcode behavior when a link is not set.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood fixes.
1. Improved: Font Awesome 4 backward compatibility.
2. Fixed: issue with WPB icons not working with Font Awesome 5.
3. Fixed: issue with icon fonts not being imported when installing a pre-made website.
4. Fixed: issues with lazy loading spinner not disappearing on videos' featured images.
5. Fixed: issue with lazy loading spinner not disappearing and images not being displayed if the page is set as a blog template.
6. Fixed: issue with dt_highlight text shortcode not accepting color codes in short notation.
7. Fixed: issue with select fields being cut off in WPB front-end editing mode.
8. Google+ icon removed.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.
1. Improved: Font Awesome built into the theme can now be removed in the font management interface (The7 > Fonts).
2. Fixed: Front-end Theme Options editing mode was not available.
3. Fixed: Fancy Title + Default Header combination makes Light color scheme option visible (this option should be available only for Transparent Header).
4. Fixed: Floating Top Line header settings block is visible when the Inline Header is chosen.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.
N/A Changelog
1. New: "Church" pre-made website:
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2. Improved: border settings for buttons were added in Theme Options.
3. Improved: the option to remove the hover effect was added to the "icon" shortcode.
4. Improved: "stage padding" setting was added for carousel shortcodes.
5. Improved: hover settings were extended for blog masonry and carousel shortcodes.
6. Improved: the categorization position setting was added to shortcodes with categorization.
7. Fixed: issue with menu misalignment with certain settings combinations.
8. Fixed: issue with grid view not working for old Photos shortcode.
9. Fixed: issue with "exclude featured image from the album" setting hiding the media image instead of the featured image.
10. Fixed: issue with misalignment of fullwidth mega menu.
11. Fixed: issue with fancy image description and caption behavior.
12. Fixed: issue with The7 Elements plugin throwing an error when being activated with themes other than The7.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.
1. New: Icon shortcode.
2. New pre-made website: Modern Business -
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3. Improved: blog list, improvements to images styling.
4. Improved: сaching of HTTP request result added to Flick widget.
5. Fixed: albums carousel does not show featured images.
6. Fixed: missing grid styles in Portfolio masonry and grid shortcode.
7. Fixed: issue with wrong active menu item indication when using anchors navigation.
8. Fixed: issue with related portfolio items zoom icon not working properly.
9. Fixed: issue with Portfolio grid > Background and animated lines > Details icon hover > Icon is not being centered.
10. Fixed: Classic header + full-width enabled creates an issue with the full-width mega menu.
11. Fixed: iOS Search microwidget shadow issue.
12. Fixed: issue with photo slider fullscreen button visibility on mobile devices.
13. Fixed: issue with cart microwidget shadow in Safari.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood fixes.
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