Toolset CRED 1.8.6

Easily create, edit and delete content from front-end pages.

Last Update:Feb 22, 2017 at 7:13 PM      
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  1. 1.8.6

    Toolset CRED 1.8.6
    Released: February 22, 2017
    • Refactored the mechanism for rendering post and user forms on the frontend.
    • Improved the auto-complete feature in order to include more post types.
    • Fixed an issue with Edit User Forms when a user ID was passed as an attribute in a CRED shortcode.
    • Fixed a notice when using a child post link.
    • Fixed an issue when deleting a featured image in post editing forms.
    • Fixed an issue with the...
  2. 1.8.5

    December 21, 2016
    • Fixed issue with featured image AJAX upload
    • Fixed security issue with user edit form in multisite
  3. Toolset CRED 1.8.4

    • 1.8.4
      December 13, 2016
      • Fixed security issue with edit user forms in multisite
      • Fixed issue that uploading was failing in case of specific WPML language URL format
      • Fixed issue that radio field validation message was not being displayed
      • Fixed issue that uploading was failing when WordPress is installed in its own directory
      • Fixed issue with Access guest permissions in edit forms
      • Fixed issue with export/import functionality that was losing...
  4. 1.8.2

    • Security tightening