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UpdraftPlus Premium

Download UpdraftPlus Premium from nulled fire. UpdraftPlus is the World's leading backup, restore and migration WordPress plugin.
FEATURE: added the ability to anonymise personal data in database backups from the "Backup Now" dialog (Premium / add-on)
FEATURE: Add page management module for UpdraftCentral
FIX: 1.16.42 Introduced a regression (truncation) when listing files from Dropbox when there were multiple pages of results
TWEAK: Force host-style bucket access when backing up via S3 generic to Alibabacloud
TWEAK: Incorrect jQuery UI dialog extended filename
TWEAK: Change some class names to improve compatibility with other plugins using the Google SDK and auto-loading their version unconditionally
TWEAK: Update the delete file Dropbox API call to version 2
TWEAK: Change the S3 test settings form names to match the saved setting names
TWEAK: Check the Content-Type on the response from an S3-compatible provider slightly less strictly, improving compatibility with at least one otherwise-working implementation
TWEAK: Update the Dropbox SDK to use scopes
TWEAK: Handle hosts that have removed disk_free_space() (now that on PHP 8 disabling functions removes them)
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FIX: Prevent some deprecation-related errors when backing up to some remote storage locations in PHP 8
FIX: Adding new remote storage instance (Premium) doesn't bring up the UI
TWEAK: Fix some modal dialog alignment/resizing issues
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About us

  • NulledFire.com is one of the most comprehensive repositories under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License v3.0 Free as in Freedom) that provides premium Plugins, Themes and PHP Scripts for testing purposes.
    We promote WP codes to the users globally so that you can check it before buying from the original developer/designer.

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