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UpdraftPlus Premium

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Download UpdraftPlus Premium from nulled fire. UpdraftPlus is the World's leading backup, restore and migration WordPress plugin.
FIX: Fix UpdraftCentral error when installing plugin or theme on a slow connection
TWEAK: Support wildcard (asterisk char) exclusions not just for the first/top-level directory but also for the 2nd level directories and below
TWEAK: Fix deprecation warning on UpdraftCentral's comment settings
TWEAK: Algorithm improvement with small tables with individually large rows not triggering the existing over-sized rows algorithm, to reduce fetch size quicker
TWEAK: Implement the newly abstracted host plugin usage/process within the UpdraftCentral client code
TWEAK: Improve backtrace logging
TWEAK: Add admin and log warning messages regarding the planned shutdown of Microsoft Azure and OneDrive Germany
TWEAK: Output UpdraftVault quota recount link if needed
TWEAK: Introduce constant: UPDRAFTPLUS_LOG_BACKUP_SELECTS: Defining this to true will cause the SQL SELECT commands used when fetching data for a database table backup to be logged in the UpdraftPlus backup log
TWEAK: Don't change SQL modes if a null value is returned
TWEAK: Existing backups paging logic to avoid a confusing rescan user experience
FIX: If MySQL performance was very fast on large tables, and if fallback fetch mode was being used (which should not occur on any WordPress core table, but can be triggered on recent Oracle MySQL 8.0 versions), then when increasing rows fetched on large tables, some rows could be unintentionally skipped.
TWEAK: Oracle MySQL 8.0 from somewhere after 8.0.17 has removed the display width from the response to SHOW CREATE TABLE, resulting in failure (prior to this tweak) to detect a primary key type that can be used with faster fetching
TWEAK: Use 'wp_mail_failed' action hook to improve logging of email delivery failures caused by a PHPMailer exception
TWEAK: Add additional log information to themes and plugins modules