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UpdraftPlus Premium

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Download UpdraftPlus Premium from nulled fire. UpdraftPlus is the World's leading backup, restore and migration WordPress plugin.
FIX: UpdraftVault storage settings saving issue on multisite
FIX: Translation undefined index issue while running updates on UpdraftCentral
FIX: Do not retain SFTP/SCP connection object between upload and prune stages, fixing a multi-instance bug that could cause deleting of obsolete archives to be skipped when backing up the same backup to multiple SCP servers
TWEAK: When a link points to an unreadable file, include information in the log about the original reference
TWEAK: Do not compress and recompress intermediate table files when stitching together the final database dump (increases speed and reduces resource usage)
FIX: Backblaze infinite loop when listing on buckets with huge numbers of objects
TWEAK: Minor improvements to the organisation of the S3-provider classes (abstract per-backend logic more cleanly)
TWEAK: Add --no-tablespaces switch to mysqldump invocation (required on MySQL 8.0+)