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White Label Branding for Elementor

Maintain your personal branding while using Elementor for Client Sites.

Last Update:Oct 14, 2018      
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  1. Apanha
    White Label Branding for Elementor.jpg

    Custom Branding
    Manage your branding even when using Elementor for your client sites. You can now Rename Elementor and the Pro addon to anything of your choice

    Not only this, you can also change the Developer Name & Website.

    Hide Pro Upgrades
    Hide Pro Upgrade Messages & Links while using the Free Version of Elementor on your client sites.

    Hide Admin Settings
    Hide admin settings links so that nothing gets changed without your consent. Give access to only those settings that are required for your users or clients.

    Ghost Mode
    Deactivating essential plugins on a site can cause havoc. Avoid your clients from doing that by hiding Elementor & the Pro addon from the Plugins list.

    Save yourself from trouble

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