WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme 4.3.0

ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Upload images to product reviews
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Custom thank you page
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Hide a higher price for variable products
ADDED: New Instagram API
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FIXED: Price filter in product filters element with WPML
FIXED: Odnoklassniki share button
FIXED: Wishlist issue with long products id
UPDATED: Revolution Slider plugin 6.1.5
UPDATED: Translations POT files
ADDED: Fix for a better compatibility with
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FIXED: Incorrect display of characters in AJAX search
FIXED: Product page accordion with Lazy load issue
FIXED: WhatsApp share link
FIXED: PHP errors on edit page with some theme elements
FIXED: Missing dark version styles
FIXED: Products containing text “loading” in categories slug
FIXED: Additional variation images issue
FIXED: Shop categories in page title order
FIXED: Single product reviews tab issue
FIXED: Remove button with header dropdowns dark issue
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Header category element – more categories button
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Display results from blog in search option
  • ADDED: NEW ELEMENT – Size guide
  • ADDED: Blog element order by list of IDs
  • ADDED: Single project custom header option
  • ADDED: Project title in page heading option
  • ADDED: Notices color options
  • ADDED: Additional CSS generator options
  • ADDED:
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    plugin compatibility
  • FIXED: Single product image zoom
  • FIXED: Hotspot element product rating
  • FIXED: Instagram API
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  • FIXED: Wishlist unnecessary product issue
  • FIXED: Brands title image on single product
  • FIXED: Additional variation images on single product
  • FIXED: WPB CSS generator font issue
  • FIXED: Google map controls in frontend editor
  • FIXED: Instagram double query issue
  • FIXED: Product more description button after AJAX issue
  • FIXED: AJAX search with category select
  • FIXED: Product video popup close button
  • FIXED: Google map issue
  • FIXED: Product loop swatches underline
  • FIXED: Attribute order in compare
  • FIXED: PHP errors in sticky toolbar
  • FIXED: Single product accordion IPad issue
  • FIXED: Layered nav widget cache issue
  • FIXED: Post page meta
  • FIXED: Safari browser login sidebar problem
  • FIXED: Size guide select for single product
  • FIXED: Quick view problem on single product
  • FIXED: SKU in search results
  • FIXED: A lot of CSS issues
  • FIXED: PHP Errors
  • UPDATED: Revolution Slider plugin 6.1.1
  • UPDATED: WPML config file
  • UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin 1.0.20
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – WPBakery CSS generator
  • ADDED: Product filters category “Category order” option
  • ADDED: Google font “Krub”
  • ADDED: Getting pictures from
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  • ADDED: Show SKU on AJAX results option
  • ADDED: Header builder link to admin bar
  • ADDED: Light Font Awesome CSS version option
  • ADDED: Light Bootstrap CSS version option
  • ADDED: Disable Gutenberg styles option
  • ADDED: Use
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    for AJAX search option
  • IMPROVED: Extended CSS generator options by 40%
  • IMPROVED: Main style.css file reduced by 1500 lines
  • IMPROVED: СSS for product hovers
  • IMPROVED: CSS for header elements
  • IMPROVED: CSS for single product tool buttons
  • FIXED: Compare page on IE 11
  • FIXED: Theme settings on Safari
  • FIXED: Bootstrap classes on product grid
  • FIXED: YITH Add to quote double button on single product
  • FIXED: Lazy loading error 404 with base64 option
  • FIXED: Single product tabs with comment pagination issue
  • FIXED: Product element autocomplete
  • FIXED: My account issue with disabled tabs
  • FIXED: Clear all filters button with price filter widget
  • FIXED: Wishlist translations
  • FIXED: Wishlist title in sidebar navigation
  • FIXED: Instagram added ”/” to link
  • FIXED: Share label on wishlist
  • FIXED: Empty cart message issue
  • FIXED: HTML block max count in menu select
  • FIXED: Compare page product count
  • FIXED: Countdown timer for variable product added cache
  • FIXED: Shop page breaks after PJAX with some server and PHP settings
  • FIXED: Wishlist button on quick view
  • FIXED: Loader on Compare page
  • FIXED: A lot of CSS issues
  • FIXED: PHP Errors
  • REMOVED: Styles for YITH Compare and Wishlist, WCFM Marketplace. You still can enable them in CSS generator.
  • UPDATED: Revolution Slider plugin 6.1.1
  • UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin 1.0.19
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
FIXED: WPBakery Frontend save with metaboxes
FIXED: Theme settings not working with Redux Framework
FIXED: Odnoklassniki share button
FIXED: Wishlist product loop button after AJAX
FIXED: IE11 issue
FIXED: Theme settings not save with WP Mail Logging plugin
  • FIXED: WPML with Compare and Wishlist
  • FIXED: WPML theme settings translations
  • FIXED: Wishlist translations
  • FIXED: Product swatches issue
  • FIXED: Single product tabs issue
  • FIXED: Empty wishlist page issue
  • FIXED: PHP notices
  • FIXED: Metaboxes checkbox saving issue
  • FIXED: Select2 JS error
FIXED: Google fonts bug
FIXED: Custom CSS and JS options
  • FIXED: Import issue
  • FIXED: Variation gallery JS error
  • FIXED: Sticky navbar account element issue
  • UPDATED: Revolution Slider plugin 6.0.2
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