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WP Job Manager - Bookmarks 1.4.1

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Download WP Job Manager - Bookmarks 1.4.1 v1.4.1 from nulled fire. Allow logged in candidates and employers to bookmark jobs and resumes along with an added note.
The bookmarks add-on is a simple solution for allowing candidates to bookmark jobs, and employers to bookmark resumes (if using the resume add-on). Either type of bookmark can be given a note, allowing you to keep track of why you bookmarked an item.

This plugin also has a shortcode which allows you to list a user’s bookmarks in a table.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.4.1

    * Adds my_bookmarks shortcode to the wpjm shortcodes list
  2. 1.4.0

    * Bookmark actions (adding, removing, and updating) now happen in the background for themes that...
  3. 1.3.0

    * Adds compatibility with WP Job Manager 1.29.0 and requires it for future updates.