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WP Job Manager - Reviews 2.2.0

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Download WP Job Manager - Reviews 2.2.0 v2.2.0 from nulled fire. Leave reviews for listings in WP Job Manager. Define review categories and choose the number of star
Provide more valuable reviews for businesses with WP Job Manager: Reviews for Listify. People love to review and share their experiences when they’re extremely satisfied with a product or service – this plugin extends their ability to do so for the listings on your site.

With features such as customized star ratings, review categories, and restricting who can see and leave a review, WP Job Manager – Reviews gives businesses more transparency on your site. Check out the features of this add-on below.

Aim for the stars! Sometimes a wordy text review doesn’t instantly show how awesome a business or service is. With this plugin you can add a star rating to your review categories, and customize how many stars you wish to show. Three, five or more – put stars in customers’ eyes with this universally understood rating system.

With WP Job Manager: Reviews you can set the review categories to be as generic or as targeted as you like. Some generic examples could be: Quality, Service, Value. Or, more targeted categories for specific industries could be: Craftsmanship, Taste, Ambience. The number of review categories you can add from the WordPress Admin is unlimited. Please note: review categories are global and apply to all listings.

Allow your customers to leave a review about their experience or purchase. This feature restricts the review section to those who have completed a purchase or used the service, ensuring the business receives the best quality reviews from actual customers. Quality reviews will boost the validity and trust in your site to deliver excellent customer experiences through listed businesses.

Damn, someone left a bad review! Just as well you can now allow listing owners to moderate their own reviews with an easy-to-use front end dashboard! The new Moderate Reviews feature for WP Job Manager Reviews can be set up in a few simple steps. Simply paste the shortcode [review_dashboard] into a new page in the WordPress admin, publish, and business owners will be able to view a dashboard that shows them all reviews on their listing. Within the dashboard listing owners can then moderate which reviews are shown on their listing page by selecting from the following options: Unapprove/Approve, Spam, or Delete.

Or… as a site owner you can turn off this option in the plugin settings, and let the people be heard!
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  1. 2.2.0

    * New: Set default star rating to 3. * New: Add category context to default rating value filter...
  2. 2.1.0

    * Fix: Conditional check for hiding review form when multiple reviews are enabled.
  3. 1.11.0

    * New: Option to make review body optional. * New: Polylang support for review categories. *...