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Elegant Themes Extra Wordpress Theme v2.19.4

Discussion in 'New Releases' started by Apanha, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Apanha

    Apanha Admin Staff Member  

    Sep 29, 2016
    Admin Post
    Download: Elegant Themes Extra Wordpress Theme 2.19.4

    Changelog for v2.19.4 :
    - Fixed issue where using a empty code module would cause the page content to not display.
    - Unified Mapping For Copy Paste Styles.
    - Added extend styles for module child items.
    - Fixed a bug where disable item capability were not applied properly.
    - Fixed two places in our Nederlands (nl_NL) translation file where "height" was incorrectly translated "breedte" ("width").
    - Fixed a bug where excerpt field in Visual Builder Page Settings were not preserving HTML content.
    - Removed unwanted "Your Existing Pages" tab appear in the layout library modal.
    - Fixed Extend Styles modal not resizing properly in some situations.
    - Fixed typo for "Find This" field description in Find & Replace modal.
    - Fixed broken default value on app settings builder in Divi Builder Plugin which is used on legacy theme which saved options not in a single row.
    - Prevent some Mailchimp integration scripts from breaking the Visual Builder.
    - Fixed save keyboard shortcut not working when editing content inside the Settings Modal text editor.
    - Fixed shift+W when typing inside Yoast fields.
    - Fixed a bug that would cause an error when editing content inline while Settings Modal was open.
    - Fixed Shop module rendering in some cases.
    - Fixed audio player controls styles on audio devices.
    - Fixed Responsive Styles for the Email Optin module.
    - Fixed Product Tour buttons highlighting animation on some steps.
    - Fixed unwanted 'p' tags adding into Code module when it's inside the Global Row or Global Section.
    - Fixed incorrect page settings bar which is positioned vertically centered when settings_bar_location option value is not valid.
    - Fixed visual builder not being loaded on Divi Builder Plugin if wp_footer() action hook is not direct child of <body>.

    Download: Elegant Themes Extra Wordpress Theme 2.19.4