Elementor Pro v2.0.0

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    Download: Elementor Pro 2.0.0

    Changelog for v2.0.0 :
    * New: Introducing Theme Builder * New: Introducing Locations API to inject custom location templates * New: Introducing Display Conditions for all dynamic templates * New: Introducing Dynamic Tag feature - a new way to add dynamic content to your design * New: Introducing Role manager to allow "Content Only mode" * New: Introducing 9 new dynamic widgets: Archive Posts, Archive Title, Post Content, Post Info, Post Title, Post Excerpt, Featured Image, Site Logo & Site Name * New: Introducing Developers area with guides and API documentation * New: Introducing [Elementor Hello Theme]- A demonstration theme for developers * New: Added new type of templates: Header, Footer, Single and Archive * New: Design 404 page with Single template * New: Design Search Results with Archive template * New: Added Scrolling Effect for sections including *Sticky Element* per device * New: Integration with Custom Fields * New: Partial support for Toolset integration * New: Partial support for Pods integration * New: Partial support for ACF integration * Tweak: Add custom fields support for ActiveCampaign * Tweak: Allow brackets in Forms Tel field * Tweak: Added currency format control for Price Table widget * Tweak: Reduced API request for some servers * Fix: Dropdown `border-radius` in Nav Menu widget * Fix: Price List widget layout breaks in edge cases * Note: This version requires Elementor v2.0.6

    Download: Elementor Pro 2.0.0