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BETA Gravity Forms 2.4-beta-1

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Apanha, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Apanha

    Apanha Admin Staff Member  

    Sep 29, 2016
    Admin Post
    - Added security enhancements.
    - Added Personal Data form settings to define a data retention policy. Entries can be deleted or trash automatically after a specified number of days.
    - Added integration with the WordPress Personal Data Export and Erase tools, including granular control over fields that be exported and erased.
    - Added the option to prevent the IP Address from being stored with the entry.
    - Added the Consent field which will store the agreement text with the form entry in order to track what the user has consented to.
    - Added the gform_personal_data_identification_fields filter to allow fields containing user IDs to be added to the list of available options. e.g. created_by or fields where the default value is {user:ID}.
    - Added the gform_entry_ids_automatic_deletion filter to allow entries to be rescued at the last minute before deleting automatically according to the retention policy.
    - Added a new notification setting below the message setting for attaching uploaded files to the notification email.
    - Added a non-dismissible notice on every WordPress admin page when logging is enabled, recommending it is disabled it once it's no longer needed.
    - Added the GF_LOGGING_DISABLE_NOTICE constant to allow the logging notice to be suppressed.
    - Added performance enhancements to the way multiple entries are retrieved from the database.
    - Added the gform_display_field_select_columns_entry_list filter to allow list fields to be added to and removed from the select fields UI on the entry list.
    - Added the ability to sort confirmations and notifications by their name rather than only by the default sort order of the ID.
    - Added enhanced support for Members 2.0+ and User Role Editor plugins.
    - Added an error notice above the form when an expired Save & Continue link is used.
    - Added "Authorized" as an available choice for the entry Payment Status filters on the entry list.
    - Added the Date Updated to the entry detail page when the entry has been updated. Applies to entries updated after the installation of this version.
    - Added the admin label setting to Product fields using the Single Product input type.

    - Updated the payment statuses to be translatable in the entry list filter.
    - Updated the validation message for the number field.

    - Fixed multiple accessibility issues with field labels and missing aria-required attributes.
    - Fixed an issue with the validation of the website field fails when the protocol contains uppercase letters.
    - Fixed an issue with the submit button conditional logic where the logic is checked in the browser but not on the server.

    - API: Added the REST API v2.
    - API: Added the Repeater field which can be used to add repeating sets of fields. The Repeater field is currently a beta feature and currently can only be added programmatically. Repeater fields can be nested and can contain the following field types: Single Line Text, Paragraph, Dropdown, Multiselect, Number, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Name, Date, Time, Phone, Address, Website, Email & List. Conditional logic and calculations are not currently supported. See the documentation for further details.
    - API: Added helper methods to GF_Field to return the settings for the field filters UI: GF_Field::get_filter_settings(), GF_Field::get_filter_operators(), GF_Field::get_filter_values and GF_Field::get_filter_sub_filters()
    - API: Added support for parsing and replacing merge tags in the browser before the form is submitted. Use GFMergeTag.getMergeTagValue() and GFMergeTag.replaceMergeTags(). Most field types are supported. The post image, file upload and multi-file upload are currently not supported.
    - API: Fixed an issue when searching for entries always returns empty when a column value (e.g. created_by) is NOT IN an array of values.
    - API: Fixed an issue where the submit button may fail to submit when custom code has been used to create the submit button.

    - AF: Added support for processing feed conditional logic in the browser.

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