Gravityview - 1.19.3

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    Sep 29, 2016
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    GravityView has been updated to Version 1.19.3

    Changelog for Version 1.19.3 :

    * Fixed: List field inputs not loading in Edit Entry when values were empty or the field was hidden initially because of Conditional Logic * Fixed: Prevent Approve Entry and Delete Entry fields from being added to Edit Entry field configuration * Fixed: Don't render Views outside "the loop", prevents conflicts with other plugins that run `the_content` filter outside normal places * Fixed: Only display "You have attempted to view an entry that is not visible or may not exist." warning once when multiple Views are embedded on a page * Fixed: The `[gravityview]` shortcode would not be parsed properly due to HTML encoding when using certain page builders, including OptimizePress * Fixed: Potential errors when non-standard form fields are added to Edit Entry configurations ("Creating default object from empty value" and "Cannot use object of type stdClass as array") * Updated translations: - Chinese *100% translated* (thank you, Michael Edi!) - French *100% translated* - Brazilian Portuguese *100% translated* (thanks, Rafael!) - Dutch translation updated (thank you, Erik van Beek!) - Swedish translation updated - Updated Spanish (Spain + Mexican) and German (`de` + `de_DE`) with each other

    Click Here to Download: GravityView 1.19.3