admin UI tweaks
disable slider handles momentarily during refresh (prevents excess ajax calls)
disable search facet momentarily during refresh
- added 3 Layout builder dynamic tags: {{ post:id }}, {{ post:name }}, and {{ post:url }}
- only autoload the necessary FacetWP wp_options
- issue with resetting slider values
- "Stop indexer" button now works properly
-revert "Term order" change due to weirdness with WooCommerce sorting
-nummy.js - use log() instead of log10() because IE sucks
-layout builder - properly handle ACF single-selects
- refactored layout builder ACF support
- better admin UI support for code-based facets / templates
- code-based facets / templates aren't saved to the DB unless explicitly "unlocked" via the UI
- better json_encode() handling of invalid UTF-8 characters for sites on PHP 7.2+
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now accepts a string, array, or object
- autocomplete input type changed to text to fix cross-browser inconsistencies
- User selections feature was incorrectly resetting an entire facet
- display issue with hierarchical checkboxes having "Show expanded" enabled
- explicitly set "orderby" => "term_order" when a facet is sorted by Term Order
- FontAwesome 5.10.1
-facetwp_load_a11y hook to enable accessibility support
-facetwp_woocommerce_support_categories_display hook to render facets on WooCommerce product category display pages (experimental)
-Proximity - facetwp/geolocation/success and facetwp/geolocation/error JS hooks to get the status of geolocation requests
-Layout Builder - better ACF support
-FWP.reset() can now reset all facets, a single facet, or an array of facets
-Admin - prevent loading image size "crop" values to prevent extra queries
-prevent the facetwp_settings_last_index wp_option from being autoloaded
-refactored nummy.js (JS number formatter) to support bigger values
-Query builder - width issue for the post type selector box
-prevent the WP GDPR plugin from breaking things
-wrong Spanish translation
-flatpickr 4.6.2
fixed: filtering bug introduced in 3.3.10
-reverted javascript createNodeIterator tweak from 3.3.8 (was breaking IE)
-changed fSelect search input's type to "text" to disable the browser-specific "x" button
-admin UI - drag-and-drop was occasionally placing items in the wrong spot
-WooCommerce - a custom query was accidentally using a hard-coded table prefix
-support ACF "page link" field type
-use a custom query to significantly speed up indexing of WC products
-admin UI - show the facet / template name on hover
-autocomplete choices not appearing in the User Selections box
-only show autocomplete choices relevant to the current result set
-removed the fallback wp_doing_ajax function
-removed the SEO pager
autocomplete - ignore the current facet's selection
layout builder - items can now be dragged across columns
admin - better delete button placement
prevent WooCommerce from redirecting to single result page when FacetWP is in use
javascript libs (Sortable, fSelect, vue-multiselect, vuedraggable)
-speed up WooCommerce integration by replacing slow array_merge calls
-Layout builder - WooCommerce price fields can be formatted
-admin UI - clear the "Source" column for search facets
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