WP Job Manager - Claim Listing 3.12.0

* New: Don't show clain package on listing unless approved.
* New: Show notice on claim edit screen to approve order before approving claim.
* New: Allow package selection template to be overridden.
* New: Ensure HTML emails are properly shown as HTML.
* Fix: Ensure multiple claims are not added to the cart.
* Fix: WP Job Manager - WC Paid Listings 1.28.0 support.
* New: Ensure featured listing status is syncronized when claiming listings.
* Fix: Avoid javascript error when setting a password.
* Fix: Ensure listings can be manually marked as claimed.
* Fix: Hide "Automatically mark as claimed" when creating a claimable listing package.
* Fix: Settings cleanup.
New: Option to allow users to set a password during registration.
* Fix: WooCommerce 3.0.x compatibility.
* Fix: Ensure license key field appears.
*New: Pull translatiosn from
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* New: Advanced Paid Listings support.
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* New: Add option to allow current listing owner to verify their own listing.
* Fix: Ensure claim package attributes are only applied once a claim is approved.
* Fix: Ensure all strings can be translated.
* New: Allow the collection of additional information during claim submission. * New: Improve overall user experience of claiming a listing. * New: Improve overall admin experience for managing claims. * New: Improved integration with WP Job Manager - WC Paid Listings.
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