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  • Enhancement: Cloudflare validation API done only when CF inputs are changed (
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  • Bugfix: Prevent Cloudflare API calls on every page slowing down websites (
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  • Bugfix: Update the domain validation on Cloudflare to work with website on subdomains (
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Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error if the website is using Cloudflare and the curl functions are not enabled on the server
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with WebP detection on Firefox version 66 and higher
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue preventing the cache file from being served on Chrome when WebP cache is enabled
  • Bugfix: Correctly excludes files from CDN when using RegEx patterns
  • Bugfix: Prevent rewritting of links to HTML pages (.htm/html extensions)
  • API: Keep get_rocket_cdn_cnames() function as an API function usable by 3rd party plugins
  • Bugfix: Correctly apply CDN URL on URLs in srcset when the CDN zone is set to images
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error on update or activation when the administrator role doesn't exist
  • Bugfix: Remove references to deprecated German and Italian documentation URLs
Regression fix: Correctly insert critical CSS before the combined CSS file when both options are enabled
Regression fix: deactivate native lazyload by default, because the performance is not satisfying compared to the javascript lazyload. The native lazyload can be enabled by using the `rocket_use_native_lazyload` filter
Regression fix: Correctly add custom user capabilities when updating the plugin
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for combine javascript
Bugfix: Update tutorial videos titles
Bugfix: Prevent incorrect matches during CDN rewrite
  • Minimum support versions are now PHP 5.6 and WordPress 4.9
  • New Feature: Add an option to create a specific cache for WebP compatible browsers. An automatic detection of Imagify, Shortpixel, EWWW & Optimus is included
  • New Feature: Add custom capabilities for WP Rocket actions. It is now possible to give access to purge cache to different user roles without giving access to settings for example
  • Enhancement: Add support for native lazyload
  • Enhancement: Improve our CDN feature. It will now rewrite all assets found in the HTML to the CDN URL, and also fixes a number of known bugs related to the feature
  • Enhancement: Improvement on the clear cache lifespan option. Instead of deleting the whole cache on the set lifespan, it will delete only files older than the value defined
  • Enhancement: It's now possible the customize the list of query strings parameters ignored during cache serving
  • Enhancement: Add video tutorials to the WP Rocket settings page
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with big inline scripts when the combine JS option is enabled
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add UK cookie consent compatibility
Enhancement: URLs with query strings in a sitemap can now be preloaded
Enhancement: Display an error if a pattern used in the exclusion fields is incorrect
Enhancement: Display an error notice if we detect our cron events are not running correctly
Enhancement: Display an error notice if Endurance Cache is enabled
Enhancement: Display date and time in our preload and critical path CSS generation notices
Enhancement: Improve wording on our preload complete notice
Bugfix: Use the correct style for exclude inline JS field when turning on the combine JS option for the first time
Bugfix: Prevent an issue with the Facebook Tracking add-on on 32 bits systems
Bugfix: Prevent an error when trying to clear the cache busting folder but it doesn’t exist
Bugfix: Prevent issue with inline JS combining in some cases
Third Party: Add an automatic compatibility with the BigCommerce plugin
Third Party: Add an automatic detection for SEOPress sitemap for our sitemap preload option
Third Party: Automatically clear WP Rocket cache when updating Bridge custom CSS/JS if using the remove query strings or minify options
New filter: rocket_sucuri_api_request_args to modify the arguments sent along the Sucuri API request
  • Enhancement: Improve our update system to fix an issue that was preventing some websites from receiving the update notification and generating too much requests to our update endpoint
  • Enhancement: Set Cloudflare browser cache values to 1 year instead of 1 month
  • Enhancement: Minify the inline javascript part of the lazyload script
  • Enhancement: Improve SSL/HTTPS detection to be more compatible with SSL plugins
  • Enhancement: Improve preload count to be more accurate with the number of pages cached
  • Enhancement: Exclude additional inline JS patterns from combine JS
  • Enhancement: Exclude additional CPT and taxonomies from critical CSS generation
  • Enhancement: Preload the homepage after a manual cache clear if the preload option is enabled
  • Bugfix: Prevent inserting lazyload no javascript inline CSS when the options are disabled
  • Bugfix: Improve inline javascript detection when using combine JS option to correctly exclude localized scripts
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