Bigg Boss Child Payment (Skrill)

NulledFire Has Paypal as default payment option,if you want to use Skrill here are the steps:

1-Send the amount to NF Skrill email: (If you want you can contact us first)
How to send-

2-Send us the payment ID to verify the payment.
-If you will contact us to above email please send and the username you have here
-You can contact us using Support Tickets
Bigg Boss Child - as low as €10 EUR per month!
- €10.00 EUR for 1 month
- $11.39 USD for 1 month

- €30.00 EUR for 3 months
- $34.17 USD for 3 months

- €100.00 EUR for 1 Year
- $113.88 USD for 1 Year

How to avoid Skrill fees Example:
The plan costs €10.00 for 1 month.
1-Follow the step 1 and don't press SEND,just check what fees it asks you to pay.
2-If it asks you to pay fees €2.00 remove the €2.00 from the total price like this, as amount to send add €8.00 + €2.00 fees=€10.00
We can verify what fees you paid for Skrill
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    Apr 19, 2017
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