New year came with new idea.

Many times i have got messages from users to share their products here,and i want to say a BIGG thanks for that.
But i didn't accepted because isn't right,when someone gives something i think we should give something in return.
Due to our policy here we don't exchange products for memberships.

Am glad to let you know that today i just Released the section MarketPlace.
This sections has been created for users who wants to share their products but.... hey not for totally free.
As you can see HERE 1 user is sharing some products for a small price,to get at least the money back for what he paid to buy the product.

On the Featured category can download all vip plans,but this is new section new stuff new things.
From the MarketPlace section can not download for free any plan ((if) until we decide to allow only Bigg Boss users),other users if they want your product must buy it.

How this works:

When you will create new Item you will add your price and your paypal email,from the sales we don't get any percentage fee,you will get 100% the sales price at your paypal.

To get started you must contact us to verify the below requirements:
You must be member of Bigg Boss yearly plan, other plans are not allowed to sell. (Is required to have long length active plan)
1-You must update the product fast when new update is available
2-If someone have made any question on your product you must consider to reply (In few words you must take care your products)
3-Server to upload you files (If you don't have any we can provide you ftp login details to our storage servers)
4-The product you want to add here make sure isn't already available here.
5-You must send us proof that you have bought the product.
6-The product must work without license key.
7-The product must be $40+

if you don't follow all above requirements the Item will be invisible for 2 days and after that will get deleted
Keep in mind when you add Item the Item will be under Moderation.
Best Regards
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    8 Jan 2017
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