Bigg Boss Payment

The payment system has been changed for plan Bigg Boss (Click HERE to read why)
For upgrade to Bigg Boss the steps are simple:

Payment (€) EUR currency
1- Go to
2-And send the amount to email:
3-Write the name you have at (You must add the name you have at so we can track from which user it's the payment)

Big Boss Plan - as low as €18 EUR per month!
- €19.80 for 1 month
- €36.00 for 2 months (€18/mo.)
- €54.00 for 3 months (€18/mo.)
- €108.00 for 6 months (€18/mo.)
- €216 per year (€18/mo.)

Note 1: After the payment you don't have to do anything we will upgrade your account in 5-30 minutes.
Note 2: If you wish you can contact us before the process and we will help you.
Note 3: Follow the 2 above steps as we show you,if you don't... we will refund you and no account will be upgraded.
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    Mar 30, 2017
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