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Acelle Email Marketing Web Application 3.0.19

Acelle is a self hosted, full-featured, easy to use Email Marketing Web Application

Updated at NF:Dec 28, 2018      
5/5, 3 ratings

  1. 3.0.19

    Fix: License wasn't working
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  2. 3.0.19

    * Added: list subscription notification
    * Added: verify subscriber email
    * Changed: require PHP 5.6.4 or higher
    * Fixed: cannot update system SMTP settings in certain cases
    * Fixed: automation not triggered for list subscription
    * Fixed: redirect issue for subscription form
    * Fixed: favicon not showing up correctly on IE
    * Fixed: integration issue
    * Fixed: wrong stats showing up in user dashboard
    * Fixed: PayPal integration issue with JPY
    * Fixed: alignment issue...
  3. 3.0.18

    * Added: upgrade to Laravel 5.4 (support PHP >=5.6)
    * Added: blacklist recorded for failed subscription
    * Added: switch to MySQL utf8mb4
    * Added: better 404 handling
    * Added: re-send confirmation email
    * Added: CronJob notification
    * Added: support RTL email editor
    * Fixed: contacts' status not translated in export
    * Fixed: security for template webroot
    * Fixed: error with GeoIP tracking
    * Fixed: XSS vulnerability
    * Fixed: better MySQL UIID
    * Fixed: invalid PHP CLI detected
  4. 3.0.17

    * Added: support changing DKIM selector
    * Added: choose sending server's default FROM header
    * Fixed: embedded form broken
    * Fixed: date/time field issue
    * Fixed: import cancel issue
    * Fixed: export UID and STATUS values
    * Fixed: XSS thread with campaign email
  5. 3.0.16

    * Added: domain verification
    * Added: DKIM verification
    * Added: SPF verification
    * Added: support tracking domain
    * Fixed: campaign does not send to all contacts
    * Fixed: upload manager fails to check file size
  6. 3.0.15

    * Fixed: compatibility issue
    * Fixed: AWS SNS rate limit issue
    * Fixed: import issue with uppercase email address
    * Fixed: automation issue with unsubscribed contacts
    * Fixed: feedback log not showing up correctly
    * Fixed: Reply-To header is now required for SendGrid
    * Fixed: moving subscribers issue
    * Fixed: subscribers filtering issue
    * Fixed: Return-Path header not set correctly
    * Changed: remove plain text online viewer
  7. 3.0.14

    * Fixed: PHP CLI checker does not work correctly
    * Fixed: verification result is not correct
    * Fixed: blacklisting may not work correctly
    * Fixed: "flat array" issue
    * Fixed: SendGrid feedback handling issue
    * Added: support cloning plan
    * Added: support file attachment for campaign email
    * Added: export segment
    * Added: integated with verification service
    * Added: support verification service
    * Added: support changing font-size for email editor
  8. 3.0.13

    * Fixed: JS issue with embedded form
    * Fixed: subscriber listing API does not work correctly
    * Fixed: SSL verification issue for system email
    * Fixed: double subscription
    * Fixed: quota tracker issue resulting in invalid credit deduction
    * Fixed: do not send automation emails to unsubscribers
    * Fixed: permission error while importing subscribers
    * Added: support for PayUMoney
    * Added: support uploading subscriber image
    * Added: auto convert ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 while importing...
  9. 3.0.12

    * Fixed: some payment methods are not supported in older systems
    * Fixed: verification with sometimes does not work
    * Fixed: certain custom tags are not translated
    * Changed: do not show up raw bounce message
  10. 3.0.11

    * Fixed: suppress PHP warning messages from the UI
    * Fixed: intermittent issue with automation trigger
    * Fixed: subscriber tags not translated
    * Added: support Paddle payment gateway