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Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script 1.6.3

Arwell is a 9gag like, viral media, gag and vine sharing application.

Updated at NF:Nov 16, 2016      
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  1. Apanha
    • Use for Unlimited Sites (GPL )

    Arwell is a 9gag like, viral media, gag and vine sharing application. It contains an extremely powerful and functional admin panel, where you can manage gags, categories, pages, widgets, users, comments and whole application.

    Arwell is greatly documented and built on Laravel 4, Bootstrap 3, jQuery and SASS. It has facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus share widgets, supports oAuth login, heavily ajax based, has realtime notifications system, and much more!


    Extremely easy to install.
    Upload your files, enter your admin credentials, click Install. Ta-da!
    Over 10 different color choices.
    You want to get more? No problem. Custom SASS file is provided. Edit as you like and go wild!
    Heavily supports ajax.
    Login, register, uploading, infinite scroll, notifications… They’re all ajax based!
    Realtime notifications system.
    Someone downvoted or replied to your gag? That’s bad, but you will get notified instantly!
    Upvote/downvote gags.
    Upvote funny gags, downvote others. Help quality gags reach the top page!
    Top, Hot, Trending and Fresh algorithms.
    What is the funniest gags of the month? What is trending? Arwell shows you what you want to see.
    Multilingual ready.
    English and Turkish languages provided by default. You can also translate app into your prefered language yourself, easily.
    oAuth support.
    You’re a lover of Facebook connect? We’ve got you covered.
    Automatic on demand.
    Want to automatically accept user uploads, or comments? Or want to automatically add watermarks to all uploads? Not a problem. You can enable automatic or manual settings on Settings Management.
    SEO friendly.
    Custom keywords? Check. Different description for every page? Check. HTML5 tags? Check. Those are all automated, too!
    Watermark support.
    Worrying about someone stealing your hard work? Upload a watermark image and enable “Automatically add watermarks on uploads.” setting. Every image will contain your watermark.
    Constantly updated.
    We provide constant application updates. You can check changes on the changelog below.
    Built with Laravel 4, Boostrap 3 and jQuery.
    Sick of applications that constantly slow down, act buggy, looks outdated and insecure?
    Worry not. Arwell uses most of the best software development practices, fully tested, fully documented, uses proven libraries, extremely secure and works on all modern browsers/devices properly.