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BeMusic - Music Streaming Engine 2.3.5

BeMusic allows you to create your own music streaming website in minutes with no coding knowledge.

Updated at NF:Mar 20, 2019      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 2.3.5

    Bug Fixes
    Corrected a few issues introduced with last update.
  2. 2.3.3

    New Features
    • Meta tags will now be visible on regular site, not just for crawlers and bots.
    • Added recaptcha support for "registration" and "contact us" pages.
    • Added new, easier to use installer.
    • Added icon selector for "admin > appearance > menus" page.
    • Added "Contact Us" page.
    • SEO editor now has a more powerful placeholder system which allows usage of all data that will be available for a...
  3. 2.3.0

    New Features
    • New "genres" page in admin area for managing all site genres.
    • New "popularity" and "image" fields for genres for easier management.
    • Artists, albums and tracks now have "auto update" field for preventing automatic update of specific items.
    • New files page in admin area for inspecting and deleting uploaded files.
    • Custom translation lines can now be added from "admin -> translations" page.
    • ...
  4. 2.2.4

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed some issues with default artist image paths.
    • Fixed an issue with appearance editor theme sometimes not being applied.
    • Don't show download button in context menu for non-local tracks.
    • Added some missing translations.
  5. 2.2.3

    Bug Fixes
    • fixed an issue with lyrics dialog not working properly if track has no album.
    • hide private playlists from user profile page.
    • properly redirect user to specified homepage after login/register.
    • fixed some issues with sitemap generator.
    • fixed some issues that occurred on mobile in account settings page.
    • properly show custom uploaded video, instead of album image.

    • added download local...
  6. 2.2.2

    • fixed some issues on analytics page.
    • fixed adding custom page via menu manager.
    • custom pages will not properly display within player interface.
    • fixed several issues with translations.
    • fixed an issue with registration sometimes not working properly.
    • top 50, popular genres, albums and new releases should now be selectable as homepage again.
    • search bar in sidebar should no longer show default browser autocomplete.
  7. 2.2.1

    Bug Fixes
    • fixed some installation issues introduced with last update.
  8. 2.2.0

    New Features
    • added download functionality for custom uploaded tracks.
    • translations will now be stored on filesystem instead of database.
    • custom js and css will now be stored on filesystem instead of database.
    • tracks and albums can now be added directly from their respective pages in admin area.
    • tables in admin area can now be sorted by clicking on table header columns.
    • local artists views are now...
  9. 2.1.9

    Bug Fixes
    • fixed an issue where playlist tracks would not update sometimes without a page reload.
    • tracks added to queue will now properly appear after current track instead of before it.
    • fixed an issue with tracks sometimes not being removed from queue via context menu.
    • corrected some text that was not being translated properly across the site.
    • fixed an issue with soundcloud player not playing next song automatically.
    • prevent tracks with long...
  10. 2.1.8

    Bug Fixes
    - fixed an issue with validation error messages not being displayed sometimes.
    - shuffle button will now have proper color when shuffle is activated.
    - mix of locally uploaded songs and ones streamed from youtube in a queue will now play properly.

    - symlinks are no longer used by default.
    - search page will now display track artists and album in track table.