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EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS 1.6.1

EasyAds is a comprehensive and fully customizable advertising CMS

Updated at NF:Dec 17, 2018      
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  1. 1.6.1

    - Bug fixing
    - Optimised saving images
    - Optimised layout for RTL languages like Arabic
  2. 1.6

    - Added auto update application feature
    - Added feature to allow/deny guests to contact sellers
    - Added nickname display option for customers
    - Added SEO meta options with support for openGraph and Twitter cards
    - Added more options to packages, you can customize text, color and background
    - Added external URL option to CMS pages section
    - Added admin customer registration option on fresh install
    - Added category, fields and packages demo data on fresh install
    - Fixed issue with decimal...
  3. 1.5.5

    - Added Nginx web server configuration for prettyURL setting
    - Fixed bug PrettyURL missing save button
    - Fixed packages visual checkbox bug
    - Updated vendor library
  4. 1.5.1

    - Fixed bug in packages step of posting ad
    - Optimised Stripe payment gateway extension
    - Optimised 2Checkout payment gateway extension
    - Optimised the installer
  5. 1.5

    - Added Major changes to the frontend theme
    - Added new layout for admin interface
    - Added cookie consent
    - Added store in admin menu
    - Added Mobile locations for advertising banners extension
    - Added new version of stripe payment gateway
    - Added changelog section in admin
    - Added new Extensions manager
    - Fixed search giving no results on category search
    - Fixed skip packages on preview listing
    - Fixed bug in security manager
    - Fixed bug label zones
    - Fixed bug with domain not belong to...
  6. 1.4

    - Added GDPR methods that makes EasyAds GDPR compliant
    - Added Admin failed logins in an extension called Security Manager
    - Added Customers failed logins in an extension called Security Manager
    - Added inappropriate reporting for ads with custom reasons in an extension called Security Manager with multiple options
    - Added Block IP access in an extension called Security Manager
    - Added Ban customers in an extension called Security Manager
    - Added Customer export data from multiple areas...
  7. 1.3

    - Added Maps view in the search of all the listings after selecting location
    - Added filters and custom fields to the new Maps view
    - Added functionality for a customer to set listing location marker on the map
    - Added functionality for admin to edit and moderate a listing from admin panel including its promo package
    - Added new social login features: Google, Twitter and LinkedIn
    - Added better RTL views for all over the application
    - Added new logic and display for location search from...