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JobClass - Geolocalized Job Board Script 4.7

JobClass is a Job Board app, a powerful modulable app and has a fully responsive design.

Updated at NF:Jan 14, 2019 at 3:50 AM      
4/5, 1 rating

  1. 4.7

    Added: Users auto-registration from ads creation form added.
    Added: Feature to put manually ads offline added.
    Updated: Admin panel settings: New settings added.
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
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  2. 4.6

    Fixed: Bugfix: .cat-list > ul.collapse on mobile (HTML Sitemap Page)
    Fixed: Bugfix: Prevent the default language deactivation
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
  3. 3.6

    Fixed: Various bug fixes.
    Updated: Minor improvements.
  4. 1.9

    Updated-Installation process improved
    Updated-Page option to exclude some pages from the footer links added
    Updated-Files upload and storage improved
    Updated-User area's lists (my ads, favorites ads, etc.) pagination added
    Updated-Increase the number of characters for the Custom CSS and Tracking Code options
    Updated-Un-featured premium ads after package expiration
    Updated-Redirect new users to the user area if Users activation is not required
    Updated-Separation of employer account features...
  5. 1.8

    • Improvement : New Admin Panel login page
    • Improvement : New Admin Panel Dashboard
    • Improvement : Manage ads per page in search results (from the Panel)
    • Improvement : Decimals numbers (salary) support
    • Improvement : Russian pluralization support
    • And many more small improvements
    • AJAX checkbox to activate/deactivate settings (from the Panel)
    • WYSIWYG Editors
    • Dynamics pages editor (for statics pages)
    • Decimals Superscript support
    • Manage Admin Panel theme colors...
  6. 1.7

    - Improvement : Copy all language files and data by creating new language
    - Improvement : User's saved searches display
    - Improvement : Registered users can disable comments on their ads
    - Improvement : AdsCleaner command
    - Improvement : Logged user's area
    - Fixed : User's favorite ads removal
    - Fixed : Banned users can no longer log in
    - Fixed : Search results (search by city after by region)
    - Fixed : Sitemaps 404 error when language code and country code are identical
  7. 1.6

    - Improvement : Admin panel
    - Added : Setting for the max upload file size from the admin panel
    - Added : Send notification emails to admin users (on new user or ad)
    - Added : Translation data are kept when default language is changed
    - Added : Activate/Deactivate categories with their children if exist
    - Added : Activate/Deactivate translated entries with their translations if exist
    - Added : Admin users can now add unlimited Packs and can delete them
    - Added : Automatic creation of...