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LaraClassified - Geo Classified Ads CMS 5.9

LaraClassified is a Classified CMS, a powerfull modulable app and has a fully responsive design.

Updated at NF:Jan 14, 2019 at 3:59 AM      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 5.9

    Added: Users auto-registration from ads creation form added.
    Added: Feature to put manually ads offline added.
    Updated: Admin panel settings: New settings added.
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
  2. 5.8

    Fixed: Bugfix: .cat-list > ul.collapse on mobile (HTML Sitemap Page)
    Fixed: Bugfix: Prevent the default language deactivation
    Fixed: Bugfix: Price Filter (related to the Currency Exchange Plugin)
    Fixed: Composer packages updated.
  3. 5.7

    Added: Frontend: Bootstrap 4.x support added.
    Added: User profile photo option added.
    Added: (If you have purchased the Reviews System Plugin) - User profile ratings calculation added.
    Added: Confirmation Emails sending feature added.
    Updated: Usage of the Laravel default Email Notification feature.
    Updated: AdsCleaner command improved.
    Updated: Plugins settings improved (Watermark & Reviews System plugins).
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
    Updated: Minor improvements.
    Fixed: Minor bugs...
  4. 5.6

    Added: Support for Laravel 5.7.*
    Updated: Admin panel, Lists/Details improved.
    Updated: Words blacklist option improved.
    Updated: Invalidate banned users access from social (Facebook/Google) login.
    Updated: Remove the User and all the Posts related to a banned email address.
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
    Fixed: Minor bugs fixes.
  5. 5.5

    Updated: Improvement of the Admin panel Dashboard.
    Updated: Minor code improvements.
    Fixed: Admin panel, Details Lists: CSS bugs fixes (for Windows users).
  6. 5.4

    Security vulnerability fixed (mentioned in the Laravel v5.6.30 Security Release).
  7. 5.3

    Fixed: Bugs fixes.
  8. 5.2

    Added: Admin panel: User Roles and Permissions (ACL) system added.
    Updated: Minor improvements.
    Fixed: Bugs fixes.
  9. 5.1

    By upgrading your website to the v5.1 you have to activate all the purchased plugins (add-ons) from the Admin panel → Plugins.
    • Added: More backup features added (to prevent data losing).
    • Added: Ability to disable the ads report pages indexation on the search engines added.
    • Added: Ability to hide all the footer links added.
    • Added: Cities columns option added in the homepage location area management.
    • Updated: Admin panel: Languages...
  10. 5.0

    Added: Admin panel: Bulk Items Deletion added.
    Fixed: HTTPS support fixed.
    Updated: Minor improvements.