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LaraClassified - Geo Classified Ads CMS 6.8

LaraClassified is a Classified CMS, a powerfull modulable app and has a fully responsive design.

Updated at NF:May 28, 2019      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 6.8

    Added: Admin panel: Configurable Files & Images Upload settings added.
    Added: Admin panel: Option to clear images thumbnails.
    Added: Admin panel: Allow admin users to customize the robots.txt file.
    Added: Admin panel: Option to select the "Similar Ads" type (or disable it) on the Ads details page.
    Added: Allow admin users to ban ads authors on one click by visiting their ads details page.
    Updated: Carousel auto-play loop (if enabled) added for mobile display.
    Fixed: "Offline" button in users...
  2. 6.7

    Updated: Minor improvements.
    Fixed: Bugs fixed.
  3. 6.6

    Added: Support for Laravel 5.8.* added.
    Added: Lazy Loading option added in Optimization settings.
    Added: Chinese & Japanese languages files added
    Added: Removing pictures on ad edit (Single Step Form)
    Added: Admin panel: Add link on IP addresses
    Updated: Front: Redirect admin users to the Admin panel.
    Updated: Minimum file upload size added in the settings.
    Updated: (If the Reviews System plugin installed) Sorting by ratings added in the search page.
    Fixed: Minor bugs fixed.
  4. 6.5

    Updated: Admin panel: Optimization Settings added.
    Updated: "Ads Cleaner" command renamed to "Ads Clear".
    Updated: Usage of the Laravel Task Scheduling in the Cron Job tab.
    Fixed: Bugs fixed.
  5. 6.4

    Updated: Admin panel: Yandex site verification added
    Updated: Google Chrome: bxSliders click fixed
    Updated: Many minor improvements.
    Fxed: Minor bugs fixed.
  6. 6.3

    Fixed: Known bugs fixed.
  7. 6.2

    Added: (Browser or Website Country) Language Auto Detection and Selection
    Added: Admin panel: New settings added.
    Added: Admin panel: By selecting the "Single Step Form", picture field can be make mandatory or not.
    Added: Homepage: New options to count ads belong to cities and/or categories.
    Added: Support for Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3.
    Updated: Google reCAPTCHA integration improved.
    Updated: Many minor improvements.
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
    Fixed: Simditor WYSIWYG CSS...
  8. 6.1

    Added: Allow admin user to select a form type for ads creation and edition ("Multi Steps Form" or "Single Step Form")
    Added: Admin panel: New settings added.
    Added: Add font color function in Simditor WYSIWYG.
    Updated: Social Network Login improved (LinkedIn & Twitter login added. Google+ login can be removed).
    Updated: Laravel 5.8 deprecated functions (String and Array Helpers) cleared.
    Updated: Simditor WYSIWYG translation added.
    Updated: Many minor improvements.
    Updated: Composer...
  9. 6.0

    Updated: Improvement of the Custom Validators Rules.
    Updated: IETF language tag(s) added for JS locale(s)
    Added: Instagram URL added in Social Network list displayed in the footer.
    Fixed: Bugfix: Ajax upload error container.
    Updated: Composer packages updated.
  10. 5.9.1

    Bugfix: Prevent Ad Blockers to block ads images.