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MailWizz - Email Marketing Application 1.7.2

MailWizz EMA is a simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive features set.

Updated at NF:Jan 21, 2019      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 1.7.2

    [MSC] - Small fixes overall
    [BUG] - Fix case sensitive in years range field type
    [IMP] - Trim the search term in search extension
    [ADD] - Added a new list field type: Years Range
    [ADD] - Recaptcha extension can now be disabled per list basis
    [ADD] - Added search extension to search entire application in backend and customer area
    [MSC] - Small fixes overall
  2. 1.6.9

    --- Version 1.6.9 - 2018-12-14
    --- -------------------------------------------
    [BUG] - Fix hidden space character that could break twig
    [BUG] - Error while saving transactional email logs because of missing FK value

    --- -------------------------------------------
    --- Version 1.6.8 - 2018-12-12
    --- -------------------------------------------
    [BUG] - Fix preheader issue with dollar signs
    [ADD] - Added ability for AR to send only if certain campaign has been opened
    [ADD] - Added ability...
  3. 1.6.7

    [BUG] - 2FA requires PHP >= 7.0 because of dependencies
    [MSC] - Small fixes overall
    [ADD] - Added static testing ability for bounce handler
    [UPD] - Updated ElFinder
    [ADD] - Added 2FA for backend / customer area
    [ENH] - Better sending of transactional emails with proper retry priority
    [ADD] - Added ability to select which delivery stats to export
    [ADD] - Added postal as smtp server type
    [IMP] - Improved subscribers cache counting
    [MSC] - Small fixes overall
  4. 1.6.5

    --- Version 1.6.5 - 2018-10-30
    --- -------------------------------------------
    [MSC] - Small fixes overall

    --- -------------------------------------------
    --- Version 1.6.4 - 2018-10-29
    --- -------------------------------------------
    [ADD] - Added phone number to customers
    [BUG] - Fix page size in list page types
    [ENH] - List export now produces one single file and no more zip archive needed
    [ENH] - Segment export now produces one single file and no more zip archive needed
    [ENH] -...
  5. 1.6.3

    [ADD] - Added ability to set default template stub via the config param email.templates.stub
    [ADD] - Now the default email template stub contains doctype definition and the charset is set to utf-8
    [ADD] - Added ability to use regex patterns for not allowing certain email address in the FROM field of a campaign
    [ADD] - Added API region for mailgun api
  6. 1.6.1

    --- Version 1.6.1 - 2018-08-07
    [ADD] - Added ability to set max complaints rate for campaigns
    [IMP] - Improved the workflow for when having set max bounces rate for campaigns
    [ADD] - Added sorting abilities for email lists page
    [BUG] - Fixed a bug that allowed sending duplicates when campaign selected random subscribers from list

    --- Version 1.6.0 - 2018-08-06
    [BUG] - The 24 Hours perf graph would show bad data under certain circumstances
    [BUG] - The soft bounces rate would show bad...
  7. 1.5.7

    -[MSC] - Small fixes overall
  8. 1.5.1

    [ADD] - Added email headers ability, like email footers.
    [ADD] - Added new server type: PepiPost Web Api
    [ADD] - Added following filter hook: common_settings_auto_update_warning_message
    [ADD] - Added the ability to enable the application to auto-update itself
    [ADD] - XML feeds now can use indexed items, see...
  9. 1.5.0

    [ADD] - Added following filter hooks: campaign_model_get_{lists,segments,groups}_dropdown_array_criteria
    [ADD] - Added following filter hooks: price_plan_order_payment_{from,to}_text
    [ADD] - Added following filter hooks: price_plan_order_get_html_payment_{from,to}
    [ADD] - Added following action hooks: list_subscriber_actions_{subscribe,unsubscribe}_action_{before,after}_html_display
    [ADD] - Added ability to enable/disable and set the number of parallel processes for bounce processing