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phpSocial - Social Network Platform 5.1.0

phpDolphin is a Social Network Platform similar with Facebook

Updated at NF:Jan 12, 2019 at 12:20 PM      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 5.1.0

    -Codebase improvements and cleanup
    -Other minor improvements
  2. 5.0.0

    Added Announcements Plugin
    Added Cookie Law Plugin
    Added Dislike Plugin
    Added File Share Plugin
    Added Media Share Plugin
    Added Poll Plugin
    Added Social Share Plugin
    Added URL Parser Plugin
    Added Video Call Plugin
    Added Weather Plugin
    Added Guzzle HTTP client
    Added priority option for plugins (plugins with higher priority will be executed first)
    Added Timezone dropdown list in the Admin Panel
    Improved the Plugins System (plugins now share the same SQL table when saving settings)
    Improved the...
  3. 4.8.0

    - Other minor improvements
  4. 4.7.0

    - Fixed an issue which allowed unwanted characters while editing comments
    - Other minor improvements
  5. 4.6.0

    • Codebase improvements and cleanup
    • Added live load for new posts when on Page Timelines
    • Added restrictions for Moderators when deleting Pages & Groups
    • Improved the Admin & User authentication system
    • Fixed the new posts not loading live on News Feed when Permalinks enabled
    • Fixed missing sender's email address and title when suspending Users
    • Fixed an issue where plugin events would not initialize when on Plugins page
    • Fixed the comments counter not updating on...
  6. 4.5.0

    Added SMTP Secure option in the Admin Panel
    Updated PHPMailer to the latest version
    Updated the jQuery library to the latest version
    Improved the favicon (theme dependent, updated icon)
    Other minor improvements
  7. 4.4.0

    • Improved support for PHP 7.2+
    • Added Edit option for Comments (you can now edit the text of your comments)
    • Fixed the comments images repeating on other comments in certain cases
    • Other minor improvements
  8. 4.2.0

    - Improved the way sessions are saved
  9. 4.1.0

    - Added Image Upload for Comments
    - Updated the jQuery library to the latest version
    - Improved support for the latest MySQL stable version
    - Improved the User Deletion function (chat images are now being deleted)
    - Fixed @mentions notifications not working when mentioning in comments
    - Fixed the Delete Account from User's Settings not working
    - Other minor improvements
  10. 4.0.0

    -Reworked the Registration/Log-in process (improved security, persistent login)
    -Added plugin localization support
    -Added @username auto-complete suggestions
    -Added @username mention notifications
    -Added countersa for Comments and Shares on Posts
    -Added emoji support for Chats, Comments and Posts
    -Added over 200 emojis in the smiles selector
    -Added dedicated "Send" chat button for the mobile chat
    -Added image previews when uploading images
    -Added "Show in tab" for Posts in contextual menu...