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    EventOn Reminders Add-on 0.5

    Send out auto reminders using Reminders addon for EventON RSVP and Tickets addonSend auto reminder emails to your event guests - from RSVP or Tickets addon - before and after event take place and build up excitement for your events.
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    EventOn addon: Speakers & Schedule

    Expand your eventON calendar events with event speaker information and detailed time block based schedule for each event along with speaker profiles
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    EventOn addon: Event Lists & Items

    Event lists and items addon allows to create category item lists for event types, locations, and organizers - and show events for each items in that list.
  4. EventOn Wishlist

    EventOn Wishlist 1.0

    Using our WishList addon allows your customers to like events on your calendar as well as add them to their wishlist to revisit later.Wishlist addon can be used to create bookmarks, likes, or simply as a wishlist of events. This conveniently allows logged-in users to remember events they are...
  5. EventON - Weekly View

    EventON - Weekly View 2.0

    Weekly View addon allow you to display events on a weekly basis with continuous navigation across months through past and future events.Add weekly display of events into your calendar with continuous week navigation, color coded quick event tabs, tool-tips with names and an amazing speed week...
  6. EventON - Event Tickets

    EventON - Event Tickets 2.1

    Are you looking to sell tickets for your events with eventON? Event Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the ultimate solution for your ticket sales need. Stop paying percentage of your ticket sales and try event tickets addon!Tickets addon for eventON powered by woocommerce allow you to sell...
  7. EventON - Subscriber

    EventON - Subscriber 1.3.8

    Inform your audience about your exciting events using eventON subscription addon, which is integrated with mailChimpWith Subscriber addon you can start building a list of subscribers to your site and keep them informed of new events and news about your events.
  8. EventON Slider Addon

    EventON Slider Addon 2.0.5

    vent Slider addon can convert your calendar events into beautifully crafted slider of events, that place events on spotlight!Capture your viewers attention by adding a slider of events to your website. Slider addon gives you various options and display layouts from multiple slides to...
  9. EventON - RSVP Events

    EventON - RSVP Events 2.7.8

    RSVP addon for eventON allows you to enable your website visitors to RSVP to your events using name and email address and set number of spaces needed. What’s even cool is at the event you can check-in attendance from the backend of your website.
  10. EventON - QR Code

    EventON - QR Code 2.0

    QR Code addon for EventON is the next step in checking-in attendance at your next event. You can use your own smart phone and look cool doing so.
  11. EventON - Full cal

    EventON - Full cal 2.0.3

    The FullCal addon for EventON brings you a traditional calendar grid that is seamlessly blended with our minimalistic design to enhance features important to you.
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    EventON - Event Photos 1.0.4

    Event Photos addon for EventON will allow you to add neatly integrated lightbox gallery to your event card that is optimized for mobile viewing as well.
  13. EventON - Event Lists

    EventON - Event Lists 0.22

    Using the Event Lists Ext. addon allows you to sort items on your calendar's events list. For example, sort them to show the next 5 events regardless of month, all past events, or all upcoming events.
  14. EventON - Daily View

    EventON - Daily View 2.0.5

    Adds the capabilities to create a calendar with horizontally scrollable list of days of the month right below month title and sort bar. Showcase events for a single day with the DailyView addon. This addon is a great fit for sites running a multitude of events everyday. Easily scroll between...
  15. EventON - CSV Importer

    EventON - CSV Importer 1.1.9

    Import events easily into your eventON calendar using CSV importer addon.
  16. EventON - Bookings

    EventON - Bookings 1.3.2

    Avoid chaos and introduce controlled access and demand to your availability for your valuable customers by implementing time slot based bookings for eventON events.
  17. EventON - Sync Events Addon

    EventON - Sync Events Addon 1.2.7

    Facebook Pages and Events You can retrieve events from publicly shared Facebook pages or individual events and import them into EventON. Facebook events must not have any restrictions.More Google Calendars You can fetch and import events from 5 different Google calendars. There is an...
  18. EventON - Countdown Addon

    EventON - Countdown Addon 1.0

    Countdown timer adds a real-time countdown clock for events that is informative and helps drive traction from audience.Countdown to Start or End Set event countdown to expire at start or end time of the eventTrigger Action When Timer Expire Actions to trigger when timer expire: do nothing...
  19. EventON - Action User Add-on

    EventON - Action User Add-on 2.3.1

    Power-up your eventON calendar with actionUser to allow front-end event submissions, user permissions control and a whole lot of other amazing features.ActionUser addon is a whole 9 yards of an addon for eventON. It allows front-end event submissions with huge array of variations and...
  20. EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

    EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin 4.0.6

    EventON Event Calendar for Wordpress is a beautifully crafted event calendar that presents events in a minimal clutter-free design. We take pride in designing EventON to stand up to latest design trends in the industry.EventON comes packed with 200+ useful features such as highly customizable...