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  1. FacetWP Conditional Logic

    FacetWP Conditional Logic 1.4.1

    FacetWP Conditional Logic add-on lets you toggle facets (and other elements) based on certain conditions.
  2. FacetWP Caching

    FacetWP Caching 1.6.1

    Make FacetWP-powered pages load quicker with page caching.
  3. FacetWP Relevanssi

    FacetWP Relevanssi 0.7.2

    Integrate search facets with the Relevanssi search plugin. Relevanssi greatly improves the search quality and relevancy of search results.When the Relevanssi integration add-on is activated, each search facet will have a new “Relevanssi” choice within its Search engine setting.Make sure to...
  4. FacetWP Map Facet

    FacetWP Map Facet 0.9.3

    FacetWP Map Facet add-on generates a map to display geocoded results. It can also filter results by showing only results within the map bounds.
  5. FacetWP Flyout Menu

    FacetWP Flyout Menu 0.7

    FacetWP Flyout Menu add-on generates a flyout sidebar which can help with mobile support.
  6. FacetWP Beaver Builder

    FacetWP Beaver Builder 1.4

    FacetWP Beaver Builder add facets to your BB grid listings.
  7. FacetWP Elementor

    FacetWP Elementor 1.6.6

    FacetWP Elementor add-on lets you display facets alongside Elementor Pro listings.When this add-on is installed, compatible Elementor listing modules will display an extra “FacetWP” setting (see the screenshot below).Toggling this setting to “Enabled” tells FacetWP to use the desired listing.
  8. Caldera for FacetWP

    Fill the required details below.If you will not fill the below details then we won't take serious the suggestion.*Sales Page URL: Clarity For FacetWP - Caldera Forms *Works Under GPL License? (YES or NO): YESReally a big addon for FacetWP :)
  9. Completed Facetwp

    FacetWP Advanced Filtering Plugin for WordPress Faceted search for eCommerce, resource libraries, search pages and more*Sales Page URL: Purchase FacetWP | FacetWP *Works Under GPL License? (YES or NO): FacetWP is licensed under the GPL 2.0.