1. GFChart - Image Charts Add-On

    GFChart - Image Charts Add-On 1.0.2

    The Image Charts Add-On enables Charts and Calculations within Gravity Forms notification emails and PDFs. For the ultimate in professional PDF reports we recommend you use this in combination with GravityPDF which is available free.
  2. GFChart - Scheduled Notifications Add-On

    GFChart - Scheduled Notifications Add-On 1.1.0

    The GFChart Scheduled Notifications add-on enables Gravity Forms email notifications to be sent on a preset schedule.It is designed to be used with our Image Charts add-on to allow business reports to be automatically created and sent at the same time each day / week / month / etc.Solution...
  3. GFChart - Advanced Survey Customiser Add-On

    GFChart - Advanced Survey Customiser Add-On 1.2.0

    GFChart - Advanced Survey Customiser Add-On provides additional options to customize charts made with GFChart Plugin.The Survey Customiser add-on allows users to modify chart bar or segment:Colours, to match the palette of the site, or meaning of the response. Order, ensure answers are...
  4. GFChart - Text Add-On

    GFChart - Text Add-On 0.5.BETA1

    GFChart - Text Add-On for GFChart plugin shows the text and paragraph field content in a table. The Text Add-On enables users to display a list of free text field submissions. It is ideal for surveys including free text comments.
  5. GFChart - DIY Bar Chart

    GFChart - DIY Bar Chart 0.2

    The GFChart - DIY Bar Chart Add-On allows developers to manually create their own bar charts from GFChart Calculations. It is ideal where various data needs to be displayed on a single chart.DIY Bar Add-On capabilities:Bar Chart (horizontal or vertical). Plotted value is the value from a...
  6. GFChart - GravityView

    GFChart - GravityView 0.9.1

    GFChart - GravityView chart entries in a GravityView Plugin.The GravityView Add-On allows users to:produce a bar chart from single entry. This is ideal for personality type assessment tests. chart from multiple entries as shown in GravityView, including its front end filtering function.
  7. GFChart - Charting vs Time Add-On

    GFChart - Charting vs Time Add-On 0.11

    GFChart - Charting vs Time Add-On compare and disply the chart entries created with GFChart plugin vs time.The Charting vs Time Add-On allows users to plot:Bar Chart (horizontal or vertical) Line Chart (vertical) Data by month For current month and previous 12 months (13 in total) Single...
  8. GFChart - Business Reports for Gravity Forms

    GFChart - Business Reports for Gravity Forms 2.2.0

    GFChart is an extension to Gravity Forms, it allows you to easily chart and count information captured via Gravity Forms Plugin. Features:Quickly turn data into knowledge. Create charts and calculations from form entries. Ideal for Surveys, Registrations, Sales & Assessments. Automatically...
  9. GFChart - Trend Add-On

    GFChart - Trend Add-On 1.2.0

    GFChart - Trend Add-On enables users to chart results against time, showing every data point without aggregation.Trend Add-On capabilities:Line Chart (horizontal or vertical). Plotted value is a numeric value from the form. Date is either form submission date OR date field value. Single data...
  10. K

    Completed GFChart

    Hello Could you grab this for the lovers of nulledfire?*Sales Page URL: *Works Under GPL License? (YES ): General GFChart is a division of Mensard Pty Ltd, a company registered in NSW, Australia ABN 12 140 276 866...