1. IconicWP WooCommerce Show Single Variations

    IconicWP WooCommerce Show Single Variations 1.9.0

    WooCommerce Show Single VariationsDisplay product variations on the shop page as though they are separate products. Improved customer experience and enhanced product browsing.Improve the browsing experience of variable productsDisplay product variations on the shop page, and in the...
  2. IconicWP WooCommerce Quickview

    IconicWP WooCommerce Quickview 3.5.1

    Your customers hate waiting for pages to load, especially when it means they lose their place when browsing a product category. Increase your chances of making a sale by making sure your store is using WooCommerce Quickview.WooCommerce Quickview will open your products in a modal window, giving...
  3. IconicWP WooCommerce QuickTray

    IconicWP WooCommerce QuickTray 1.0.6

    WooCommerce QuickTray offers you another take on the conventional product quick view modal. It acts as an inline quick view, showing your product details within the list of products.
  4. IconicWP WooCommerce Product Configurator

    IconicWP WooCommerce Product Configurator 1.6.2

    Are you still spending your time creating images for every possible variation of your products? Now there’s no need!With WooCommerce Product Configurator you can create image “layers” using transparent PNGs for each attribute of a variable product. This means instead of a single image for each...
  5. IconicWP WooCommerce Linked Variations

    IconicWP WooCommerce Linked Variations 1.3.0

    WooCommerce Linked Variations helps you expand your store’s reach in search engines. It will create a larger product archive by linking products of any type together by their attributes.You’ll be able to offer more accurate product filtering on your WooCommerce store and increase the size of...
  6. IconicWP WooCommerce Delivery Slots

    IconicWP WooCommerce Delivery Slots 1.18.0

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots makes it easy for customers to choose their preferred delivery date and time. Easy for you to set up and even easier for customers to use, this plugin takes the uncertainty out of deliveries. Below you’ll find more detail on what you can do with WooCommerce Delivery...
  7. IconicWP WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations

    IconicWP WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations 1.3.1

    WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations allows you to display and organise additional variation data to your customers.Once enabled, you can easily add custom fields to your product variations in a way that feels native to WooCommerce, making it easy for your shop managers to enter additional...
  8. IconicWP WooCommerce Bundled Products

    IconicWP WooCommerce Bundled Products 2.3.2

    Whether it’s the latest outfit, a retro bedroom, or a flower bed; you can use the WooCommerce Bundled Products plugin to make it easy for your customers to add items to their cart all from a single product page.Not only is it easy for your customers, but it’s easy for you as an admin, too...
  9. IconicWP WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

    IconicWP WooCommerce Attribute Swatches 1.11.2

    A Choice of Swatch Styles WooCommerce Attribute Swatches gives you a variety of swatch types. You can choose the style that suits your needs, your audience, and your products. You can use the same type of attribute swatch throughout your entire site, or pick and choose to suit each individual...
  10. IconicWP WooCommerce Account Pages

    IconicWP WooCommerce Account Pages 1.1.1

    Every WooCommerce store is different, so it’s likely that the My Account area will be too. If you’ve been looking for a way to add a new page or tab to the My Account area in WooCommerce, then WooCommerce Account Pages is for you.
  11. IconicWP Wishlists for WooCommerce

    IconicWP Wishlists for WooCommerce 1.4.0

    The WooCommerce Wishlists plugin by Iconic allows your customers to add products to an unlimited number of wishlists. Your customers can create wishlists for their birthday, Christmas, reading lists; anything you can think of.Unlimited lists – make it easier for your customers to make a...
  12. IconicWP Sales Booster for WooCommerce

    IconicWP Sales Booster for WooCommerce 1.11.0

    Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce allows you to add a ‘frequently bought together’ module to product pages. Famously used on Amazon, this clever feature boosts the likelihood of your customers purchasing more products, thus boosting revenue.Key benefits:Uses social proof to increase order...