1. LoginPress - Login Logout Menu

    LoginPress - Login Logout Menu 1.3.3

    Login Logout Menu is a handy plugin which allows you to add login, logout, register and profile menu items in your selected menu.
  2. LoginPress - Auto Login

    LoginPress - Auto Login 1.0.7

    This LoginPress add-on lets you (Administrator) generates a unique URL for your certain users who you don’t want to provide a password to login to your site. This Pro add-on gives you a list of all the users who you have given auto-generated login links. You can disable someone’s access and...
  3. LoginPress - Limit Login Attempts

    LoginPress - Limit Login Attempts 3.0.0

    Everybody needs a control of their Login page. This will help you to track your login attempts by each user. You can limit the login attempts for each user. Brute force attacks are the most common way to gain access to your website. This add-on acts as a sheild to these hacking attacks and gives...
  4. LoginPress - Login Widget

    LoginPress - Login Widget 1.1.0

    This LoginPress add-on is a widget you can use into your blog sidebar. It uses an Ajax way to login via the sidebar. You may need to know HTML/CSS to give it style according to your site even we have styled it in general.
  5. LoginPress - Social Login

    LoginPress - Social Login 1.5.3

    Social login from LoginPress is an add-on which provides facility your users to log in and Register via Facebook, Google, and Twitter. This add-on will eliminate the Spam and Bot registrations. This add-on will help your users to hassle-free registrations/logins on your site.
  6. LoginPress - Login Redirects

    LoginPress - Login Redirects 1.1.4

    Redirects users based on their roles. This is helpful, If you have an editor and want to redirect him to his editor stats page. Restrict your subscribers, guests or even customers to certain pages instead of wp-admin. This add-on has a cool UX/UI to manage all the login redirects you have...
  7. LoginPress - Hide Login

    LoginPress - Hide Login 1.2.3

    This LoginPress add-on lets you change the login page URL to anything you want. It will give a hard time to spammers who keep hitting to your login page. This is helpful for Brute force attacks. One caution to use this add-on is you need to remember the custom login url after you change it. We...
  8. LoginPress Pro

    LoginPress Pro 2.5.2

    LoginPress Pro Features:Pre-Designed login templates Custome login error messages Your logo on login screen login page background login form style Add login page footer Custom CSS Custom JS Google reCAPTCHA Auto Login Social Login Login Widget Limit Login Attempts Hide/Rename Login Login Redirects