1. OceanWP Extra

    OceanWP Extra 2.0.2

    Ocean Extra add extra features to OceanWP like widgets, metaboxes, activate/deactivate the customizer sections, enable/disable the theme’s scripts and styles, import/export and a panel to activate the premium extensions.Add extra features like meta boxes, import/export and a panel to activate...
  2. OceanWP - Full Screen

    OceanWP - Full Screen 2.0.4

    A simple and easy way to create a fullscreen scrolling website. For now, this plugin works only with the Elementor page builder.Key FeaturesVery easy to use Add your own scrolling speed Add a side navigation Change the navigation color Add tooltips to the navigation Disable the scrolling...
  3. Apanha

    BETA OceanWP - Elementor Widgets 1.1.0-beta.1

    OceanWP - Elementor Widgets 1.1.0-beta.1- Added: Banner widget. - Added: Brands widget. - Added: Business Hours widget. - Added: Button Effects widget. - Added: Buttons widget. - Added: Call To Action widget. - Added: Divider widget, to add a text or an icon in the divider. - Added: Google...
  4. OceanWP - Cookie Notice

    OceanWP - Cookie Notice 1.0.5

    Add a Cookie notice on your website to inform users that you are using cookies to comply with the EU cookie law GDPR regulations. Work out-of-the-box.Key FeaturesAdd scripts that will be loaded only after the user consent Choose to reload the page after the cookie accept Two notice styles...
  5. OceanWP - Popup Login

    OceanWP - Popup Login 2.1.2

    A plugin to add a popup login, register and lost password form where you want.Key FeaturesAdd the login/register link where you want Style the form Add a background image in the form Change the title and description for the form
  6. OceanWP - Instagram

    OceanWP - Instagram 1.1.0

    A plugin to display your Instagram feed in a beautiful way.Key FeaturesDisplay your Instagram photos Choose the column number Show/hide the likes & comments Show/hide the captions Display your username, follow, posts, biograhpy, etc...
  7. OceanWP - Pro Demos

    OceanWP - Pro Demos 1.3.0

    Import the Ocean demo content, widgets and customizer settings with one click.Key FeaturesImport the sample data in one click
  8. OceanWP - Footer Callout

    OceanWP - Footer Callout 2.0.4

    Add some relevant/important information about your company or product in your footer.Key FeaturesDisplay/hide the callout on any page/post Edit the content and button url on any page/post Display the page content on the callout Enable/disable the callout button Add your own padding...
  9. OceanWP - Sticky Header

    OceanWP - Sticky Header 2.0.5

    A simple extension to attach the header at the top of your screen with an animation.Key FeaturesStick manually, perfect for the Custom Header style Fixed the top bar Add sticky mobile Choose between two sticky styles Choose between two sticky effects Enter the height of the header during...
  10. OceanWP - Side Panel

    OceanWP - Side Panel 2.0.6

    Add a responsive side panel with your preferred widgets inside.Key FeaturesAdd your widgets into the Side Panel sidebar Choose your icon for the opening button Add text for the opening button Add a custom width for the panel Display the panel to the left or right Displace or not the panel...
  11. OceanWP - Elementor Widgets

    OceanWP - Elementor Widgets 2.2.2

    Add some awesome new widgets to the popular free page builder Elementor.Key FeaturesAlert Message Widget Blog Carousel Widget Blog Grid Widget Logged In/Out Widget Logo Widget Navigation Widget Newsletter Widget Ajax Search Pricing Widget Skillbar WidgetTechnical RequirementsThe...
  12. OceanWP - Ocean Hooks

    OceanWP - Ocean Hooks 2.0.1

    Add your custom content throughout various areas of OceanWP without using child theme.Key FeaturesAdd code Add shortcode Add PHP code Display your code on the page/post/taxonomy you want Display your code on the user role you want
  13. OceanWP - Sticky Footer

    OceanWP - Sticky Footer 2.0.3

    A simple extension to attach the footer to the bottom of your screen.Key FeaturesAdd menu in the footer bar Add text in the footer bar Choose your own colors Hide Menu and/or text on mobile screens
  14. OceanWP - Woo Popup

    OceanWP - Woo Popup 2.0.4

    A simple extension to display a popup when you click on the Add To Cart button of your archive products.Key FeaturesSelect an Elementor template (or a page if you use another page builder) to replace the content of the popup Control width, height, padding and the border radius Show/hide and...
  15. OceanWP - Portfolio

    OceanWP - Portfolio 2.0.7

    Key FeaturesDisplay your portfolio anywhere you want via a page template or a shortcode Show/hide the filter bar Control the filter bar positioning, styling and typography Control the portfolio items styling like the margin, padding, color, overlay color, typography, etc... Add your own images...
  16. OceanWP - White Label

    OceanWP - White Label 1.0.6

    A plugin which adds a new box in Theme Panel to allow you to replace the OceanWP name by your own branding name.Key FeaturesAdd your own branding name in the admin pages Add your own theme name Add your own theme author Add your own theme author url Add your own theme description Add your...
  17. jaykay

    Completed OceanWP

    Fill the required details below.*Sales Page URL: https://oceanwp.org/core-extensions-bundle/ *Works Under GPL License? (YES):https://oceanwp.org/terms-of-service/