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    Profile Builder Pro - WordPress Profile Plugin 3.0.5

    Find out why Profile Builder is the best as your User Registration Plugin for WordPress. Shortcodes for front-end login, registration, edit-profile and password reset forms [wppb-login], [wppb-register], [wppb-edit-profile], [wppb-recover-password], [wppb-logout] Email Confirmation for user...
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    Profile Builder - WooCommerce Sync Add-on 1.5.7

    Integrates Profile Builder with WooCommerce, allowing you to manage the Shipping and Billing fields from WooCommerce with Profile Builder. KEY FEATURES Add WooCommerce customer fields directly in the front-end Register or Edit-profile forms created with Profile Builder Reorder individual...
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    Profile Builder - BuddyPress Add-on 1.0.6

    This integration add-on allows extending BuddyPress user profiles with Profile Builder user fields. KEY FEATURES Replace BuddyPress Registration and Edit Profile forms with Profile Builder forms that allow many extra field types Replace BuddyPress User Profile View with the editable Single...
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