1. PublishPress Pro

    PublishPress Pro 3.8.1

    PublishPress Pro is ideal for WordPress sites that publish high-quality content. PublishPress helps you plan and publish content with WordPress. Features include a content calendar, notifications, and custom statuses.Using the PublishPress Calendar, you’re able to see when content is planned...
  2. PublishPress Revisions Pro

    PublishPress Revisions Pro 3.1.3

    PublishPress Revisions Pro allows you to submit, moderate, approve, and schedule revisions. Maintain published content with teamwork and precision using the Revisions model to submit, approve and schedule changes.Your users can update posts using the normal WordPress editor, but their changes...
  3. PublishPress Permissions Pro

    PublishPress Permissions Pro 3.7.5

    PublishPress Permissions Pro allows you to enable or block access for specific posts or terms.PublishPress Permissions is our plugin for advanced WordPress permissions. It goes far beyond the options you'll find in the WordPress core.There are too many features to mention in a short...
  4. PublishPress Authors Pro

    PublishPress Authors Pro 3.20.0

    PublishPress Authors Pro allows you to add multiple authors and guest authors to WordPress posts.WordPress only allows you to add one author to each post. With PublishPress Authors, you can add many authors to one WordPress post. You can create detailed author profiles with fields and custom...
  5. PublishPress Capabilities Pro

    PublishPress Capabilities Pro 2.4.4

    PublishPress Capabilities Pro manage WordPress role definitions, per-site or network-wide.PublishPress Capabilities is the best plugin to control permissions for your WordPress posts, pages, media and custom post types. Capabilities allows you to manage user roles. You can create and copy...
  6. PublishPress Checklists Pro

    PublishPress Checklists Pro 2.7.3

    PublishPress Checklists Pro add support for checklists in WordPress.When you use PublishPress Checklists, you can define tasks that authors must complete before content is published. Tasks can either be recommended or required. As writers complete each item, the red text automatically turns to...