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  1. Toolset Blocks

    Toolset Blocks 1.6.3

    Toolset Blocks is our new plugin, currently in beta. Use it to test the new way of visually designing your Toolset templates using the WordPress Block Editor. Toolset Blocks is in a dynamic stage so you can expect frequent beta updates but you should not yet use it for live production sites. Let...
  2. Toolset - Classifieds

    Toolset - Classifieds 0.4

    In a classifieds site, visitors can submit free and premium ads, or even buy ad packages. The ads are classified by categories, which buyers can view as a category tree. The site also includes a search and features the premium ads prominently.Front-end forms have been created and connected...
  3. Toolset Types

    Toolset Types 3.4.16

    Add custom types, fields and taxonomy to WordPress Types adds custom content to WordPress. Easily create custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomy and connect everything together.Create custom posts, fields and taxonomy When you need more than just pages and posts, Types is the...
  4. Toolset Framework Installer

    Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.8

    Toolset Reference Sites are fully working designs, which you can use as the starting point for client projects. Download a reference site, customize anything that you need using Toolset, replace our sample content and deliver to your clients.You can install all Toolset Reference sites locally...
  5. Toolset Integrations

    Toolset Integrations 1.0

    Toolset Cornerstone Integration 1.2 Use Layouts and Toolset to design your sites powered by the Cornerstone theme.Toolset Avada Integration 1.5.3 Use Layouts and Toolset to design your sites powered by the Avada theme.Toolset Divi Integration 1.7.2 Use Layouts and Toolset to design your...
  6. Toolset WooCommerce Views

    Toolset WooCommerce Views 3.1.3

    WooCommerce Views helps you develop custom e-commerce sites on any theme. Build everything from the WordPress admin, without editing a single template file.WooCommerce is feature rich and has amazing back-end functionality. But with this power, comes considerable complexity. Mastering the...
  7. Toolset Module Manager

    Toolset Module Manager 1.8.6

    Complete Building Blocks for Your SitesWith Modules, you can easily reuse your designs in different websites and create your library of building blocks. Download our reference modules and use in your sites.Export modules with complete functionality and design Import in other Toolset-powered...
  8. Toolset Forms Commerce (Toolset CRED Commerce)

    Toolset Forms Commerce (Toolset CRED Commerce) 1.8.4

    CRED Commerce is an add-on plugin for CRED, to enable payments via e-commerce plugins when submitting forms.This add-on can be used to build functionality that requires special conditions (involving payments) in order to create/edit posts and custom post types.CRED Commerce covers most...
  9. Toolset Maps

    Toolset Maps 2.0.12

    Toolset Maps lets you display anything on Google Maps. You can use it for simple things, like a single address in a ‘contact us’ page or for complex things like displaying search results on a map.With Toolset Maps, you can add ‘address’ fields to any content type and to users. You can display...
  10. Toolset Access

    Toolset Access 2.8.14

    Access lets you add custom roles and control their privileges. You can control what actions different roles and users can do on content and what WordPress admin screens users can access.
  11. Toolset Layouts

    Toolset Layouts 2.6.9

    Layouts plugin lets you design responsive layouts for entire pages, from the header, down to the footer. With Layouts, you get all the power and design options that come with Bootstrap, without having to deal with its complexity. You will be able to build advanced layouts, for entire sites...
  12. Toolset Forms (Toolset CRED)

    Toolset Forms (Toolset CRED) 2.6.13

    With CRED, you can build front-end forms for creating and editing content and users. CRED forms include all the fields that belongs to the content, displayed with your HTML styling. CRED forms validate inputs and send email notifications when submitting forms.Using CRED forms, you can create...
  13. Toolset Views

    Toolset Views 3.6.2

    Views displays content, on the site’s front-end, any way you choose. With Views, you can display lists of content, design templates for content and design archive pages.You do all the design work, in Views, using simple HTML and by choosing fields from a menu.Views lets you create powerful...