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  1. Apanha

    How to remove Yoast ads

    Hey guys,in this tut i'll show you how to remove Yoast ads. I have got this question from some users and i decided to post this which will may be useful for other users also. Let's start... Find and open the file wordpress-seo-premium/admin/banner/class-admin-banner-sidebar-renderer.php...
  2. Yoast Local Seo For Woocommerce

    Deprecated Yoast Local Seo For Woocommerce 9.2

    As a business owner you’ve probably wondered how some businesses seem to get a special treatment by Google. Searching for a barber in your town or city might come up with a highlighted result on top. These businesses are front and center in the search results, not because Google likes them so...
  3. MainWP Wordpress SEO Extension

    MainWP Wordpress SEO Extension 4.0.1

    The MainWP WordPress SEO Extension simplifies the setup and management process for Yoast SEO across all of your sites and since the Extension also integrates with the Yoast SEO meta box you can customize each Post or Page then publish those custom settings to your Child sites. MainWP and Yoast...
  4. Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium

    Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium 13.9

    WooCommerce is one of the best shopping cart plugins available for WordPress. Our Yoast SEO plugin is arguably one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Together they can make for some of the best optimized shops out there, but they need a little “glue”. This plugin will make the integration...
  5. Yoast Video SEO Premium

    Yoast Video SEO Premium 13.7

    Want to make sure your videos appear in Google Videos search results? Want your videos to be found by search engines like Google? The Video SEO Plugin takes care of this! Technical specifications The Video SEO plugin supports: Automatic XML Video Sitemap generation (adding on to the WordPress...
  6. Yoast News SEO Premium

    Yoast News SEO Premium 12.6

    The News SEO plugin for the Yoast SEO plugin helps you do all the things that allow you to optimize your site for Google News. It creates XML News Sitemaps,editors’ picks RSS feeds and allows for use of the standout tag and the meta news keywords tag as well as helping you optimize some of the...
  7. Yoast Local SEO Premium

    Yoast Local SEO Premium 13.8

    Searching in Google (or any other search engine) for a hairdresser or a dentist will result in a list of hairdressers or dentists in your local community. So, local search appears to happen spontaneously! However, in order to give a (high) ranking, Google does need to know the exact location of...
  8. Yoast SEO Premium

    Yoast SEO Premium 15.9

    Yoast SEO (earlier known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is the most total WordPress SEO module that exists today for WordPress.org clients. It fuses everything from a scrap proofreader and constant page examination usefulness that causes you advance your pages content, pictures titles, meta...

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