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The7 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v7.6.0

Discussion in 'New Releases' started by Apanha, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Apanha

    Apanha Admin Staff Member  

    Sep 29, 2016
    Admin Post
    Download: The7 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 7.6.0

    Changelog for v7.6.0 :
    1. New: much improved and extended Mega Menu. Note, this is still a beta feature!
    1.1. Theme Options > Top Bar & Header; under "Submenu" tab, "Mega menu background settings" and "Mega menu items" block were added. Here you can setup:
    - mega menu background (under-layer) paddings;
    - columns paddings and columns width (latter works only for non full-width menus);
    - menu items typography, colors and paddings, etc.
    1.2. Appearance > Menus; all mega menu related settings were moved under "The7 Mega Menu" button. Numerous features and corresponding settings were added, among which:
    - display a widget area (use with caution!);
    - set a background image for the menu;
    - hide certain menu columns in mobile view;
    - visually choose a menu item icon (from icon-fonts uploaded to the theme);
    - upload a menu item image and chose its position, border radius, paddings, etc.
    2. New: now you can manage widget areas right from Appearance > Widgets interface.
    3. Improved: WooCommerce 3.6.x compatibility.
    4. Improved: new settings for "custom menu" and "shopping cart" microwidgets.
    5. Fixed: issue with transparent headers not working properly on iOS 12.2.
    6. Fixed: issue with incorrect font family for fancy header on product page.
    7. Fixed: issue with "media gallery" "masonry grid" images not loading when lazy loading is enabled; also "load more" button displaying when placed inside an Album.
    8. Fixed: issue with custom settings not working with new font awesome benefits icons.
    9. Fixed: issue with the floating logo not showing up when there is a custom logo set in branding options, and the file is the same as the main logo.
    10. Fixed: issue with next menu level indicators missing in side menu.
    11. Fixed: issue with full height/width setting for buttons not working with justified menu layout.
    12. Fixed: issue with images not showing up if pagination field in "Photos Carousel" is empty.
    13. Fixed: issue with "Photos Carousel" doubling the number of images.
    14. Fixed: issue with "Main" and "Floating" logos showing up simultaneously in mobile and tablet views.
    15. Fixed: issue with "Team Carousel" bold/italic/uppercase settings not working.
    16. Improved: general compatibility with plugins that use WP audio player.
    17. Improved: updates related to fancy header in WPML-config.
    Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.

    Download: The7 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 7.6.0