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Astra Pro + Addons - howto

Oct 3, 2016
For those of you who want to explore the wonders of the Astra Pro (and addons) -- it's not just a "plug N play" process...

Detailed are the steps required to install the addon set and getting them working..! Figuring it was just a simple "add to the themes folder" and away you go process... nope, it is not!

After having to "find" references to the exact methodology, which took a bit of time, however it is here, with accompanying links.

1) The addon to Astra Pro is just that... its an (Addon) and needs to be in the plugin dir! (kinda like woocommerce plugins)

2) Not going to bother with existing installed Astra's, because if the are working, then all these steps were followed.. Comprendé

3) For a NEW install the addon requires the Free Astra theme to be installed first!
Try this site: Astra | WordPress.org - or Google it.

4) As an extra measure, it's a good idea to use a child - and the Astra theme does not come with one. However the folks at Astra have provided a child the generator (**Be aware that the type of page builder you want to use is configured into the functions): Looking for Astra Starter Child Theme?
Installed the Elementor builder... never used it... so that's a learning curve also... if there are "hidden gems" with that, there will be another post covering that also.

5) Install the free theme first - Install the child next (it should have been downloaded to your drive) - Install into the plugins dir, the addons dir.

6) You should be good to go at this point. Couple of extra steps to get the theme functioning, but this is how it goes....

7) Have fun :)
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May 2, 2017
Astra Pro Install Activation Causes Whiteout:
White screen of death | 404/401 Errors.

Error logs pointed to a licence manager causing whitescreen failure to load:
PHP Fatal error: Class 'WP_CLI_Command' BSF_WP_CLI_Command.php on line 3
@line // class BSF_WP_CLI_Command extends WP_CLI_Command {)
@file ../wp-content/plugins/astra-addon/admin/bsf-core/BSF_WP_CLI_Command.php

Comment-out all lines except for line 1 of the following file:

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